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Let this be a tribute to the pets we’ve loved and lost throughout the years.

Remembering your pets who have passed.

Letting go of a pet is hard, and our team wants to help ease your pain.
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I truly believe that Punky chose me just as much as I chose him. He was the only cat to meow to me when I went to the shelter looking for him. I had heard he was a sweet and gentle kitty and when the person told me about him over the phone, I fell in love with his name and knew I had to meet him. From there, Punky lived with me for 10 years. He was the love of my life, my best furiend, and furbaby. Punky was so loving and loyal. I realized how much he was devoted to me when I reflected on how he would always come when I called his name first thing in the morning and how he always responded to his name and came and sat with me anytime I tapped my hand on the couch or floor for him to join me. He was the sweetest little boy ever. He was a constant in my life and during the pandemic we got super close. After he got sick in 2021, I devoted myself to helping him get better and he did. He stayed with me for another 17 months and made it to his sixteenth birthday. I’m so glad we had those months together as I knew his illness was terminal. He loved me unconditionally and I just hope he always knew how much he was loved and how much happiness he brought to my life. I miss him so much but, I know that just because he isn’t with me anymore, our love and our relationship never dies and we will meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Punky, my dear, sweet, brave boy, you will live forever in my heart.

– Kassy W., March 2023


I met Kos on a cold winter afternoon and brought him home. But we did not have our real home until we met his daddy Philip. Kos was a smart, brave and loyal cat. He even had a sense of humour. He brought us joy, happiness and love. He was mommy and daddy’s sweetheart. We are very grateful that Kos chose us as his parents.

When it was time to say goodbye, our hearts were broken. Dr. Jeff Berkshire made it possible for Kos to pass away peacefully in mommy’s arms at home. We could not have had a better and more peaceful farewell. Our gratitude is beyond words.

Kos crossed the rainbow bridge full of our love on March 21, 2023. When we miss him, we look up to the night sky. He is the little star shining for us. We love him forever and will miss him forever. We will meet him again.

— Lily and Philip, March 2023.



A bodhisattva is a being on the path to enlightenment who stays behind on earth to be a compassionate guide to those who are suffering. Bodhicattva was such a being. She would come immediately if we made a “distress meow” call, as if a reflex!

Bodhi was always my #1 pain relief, muscle relaxant, antidepressant and mood stabilizer. She was in my lap and by my side for 13 years of my progressive chronic pain disease. Bodhi was a curious, loving, and trusting cat. Most times I could barely get the blanket over my lap before she was jumping up onto it. She enjoyed being a shoulder cat and bopping to music in my arms. When I would play guitar and sing, she would watch me alertly, and slow blink. She enjoyed rubbing heads together and being kissed, scratched, groomed, and spanked above the tail. She would cuddle with me in bed under the covers and keep me warm. She wanted to be in on the action. Whenever people were sitting at the table, she’d jump into their lap – once including one of my accent students that was over for a lesson!

Bodhi was complimented for her striking green eyes, gorgeous grey stripes, or her voluminous primordial pouch that swayed adorably when she ran around chasing treats. She enjoyed chattering at birds from the safety of the balcony. Even during her CKD treatment, which included subcutaneous fluids every 48 hours, she would run away mad at the end but always come back to my lap a moment later. The night of her passing, there was a big beautiful pink full moon, and I’d like to think Avalokiteshvara was guiding the quanta of her energy back into the cosmos to coalesce in the next grand adventure.

Rest in Peace, Bodhicattva 2006 – 2023, four paws in the enlightened realm.

Alyson B., April 2023

Chachi had been with me for 17 years before she passed away. I got her as a kitten, and we all thought she was a boy- until she wasn’t. She spent most of her kitten-hood and early adult life following another four-legged friend around and was less interested in humans until my other beloved cat passed. We were great friends, and her decline was sudden. Every pet owner knows what a special bond we can have with animals. This was her favorite box during the last two years
of her life.

– Kirsten B-W., March 2023

I adopted Lucas and his sister Nina in 2014. They were 4 years old and had been living at a rabbit shelter for 3 years. They brought me so much joy as they adapted to living in a loving home where they had the run of the place – no cage for them. They used a litter box, hopped around, and loved to snuggle together. Sadly, Nina passed away in 2018. I had another wonderful almost 5 years with Lucas. He was old and frail when he let me know in February 2023, that it was time for me to let him go over the rainbow bridge where he could be reunited with Nina. Having Dr. Jeff come to my home where he so gently and with so much care, helped Lucas through that transition, meant the world to me. I was right there with Lucas the whole time, where he felt comfortable and safe. I miss him so much. Binky well little one, and snuggle up with Nina once again.

Valerie B., February 2023

Our beloved Dougall passed on February 23rd, 2023 at 18 years of age surrounded by family in love, gratitude, and grief. Dr Jen guided us all through this difficult time with kindness, compassion, and care, even going out of her way to accommodate our situation.

We are heartbroken that he’s gone but so very, very grateful for the joy, love, and companionship he brought whilst allowing us to be his forever family.

It has been physically painful to not have him in our home as we miss the sound of his nails on hardwood, the vocal chat as his meals were prepped, the very specific “arroo” to let us know he wants in, and his ears down with a helicopter tailspin upon seeing our return.

Dougall had many friends and admirers – four-legged and humans too. He was an amazing host to his pals when needed, sharing his (our) bed and his toys and space with no complaints. He always wanted to take the lead in a jaunty manner in his younger years but as time passed was slower and less able but always keen at the onset to head to the park, sniffing everything and marking his way along.

Ellen K., February 2023

Walked up the driveway like Rocky but wasn’t doing too well in the streets. Feral man. And I started putting out food. Well, you all know how that story goes. Two years later, I got him fixed up and adopted him into my home. We slowly became the very best of buddies. A unique and special bond. I loved him with all my heart, and he loved me the same back. Damn, I miss you, Black Cat. Sweet kisses, baby. To infinity and beyond. My beauty.

— Leanne M., December 2022

Alfie was the most amazing member of our family and came as a surprising gift amongst ourchildren’s teenage angst and brought all of us 16 years of unending joy and happiness. Eventhough we continue to be heartbroken, we know that he is better where he is now thansuffering from old age and numerous health problems here.

— Teresa & Brad, November 2022

My sweet, precious girl came into my life when she was almost 4 years old, and we enjoyed over 13 years together, with a few gaps here and there. I was working early mornings at my local Starbucks and doing dog walks in the neighbourhood. It was through this that I was introduced to Ramona’s owner who was a student, and asked if I would walk her in the middle of the day, but this ended up being much more. Her owner was at school for long hours and I couldn’t see little Ramona being on her own for so long, often into the evenings. So, she became part of my walking group and she fitted right in.

We would spend endless hours exploring the beaches, parks and trails in Kitsilano, and she became a fixture. She would often spend overnights and weekends with us at our home, which became her second one. I would pick her up after work, which was early morning, and she would spend the day, often going home after dinner, in the evenings, just before her owner got home.

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Ramona was a beach girl (and she could surf !), having been born in Costa Rica and spending the first few years there, giving birth to two puppies when she was about two years old. When Emma and Ramona returned to Canada, she lived in Ottawa with her parents before coming to Vancouver to university.

I have so many memories of Ramona, but some of the most memorable ones are of her at the beach, where she would run and play with her favourite stick, carrying it proudly as she ran and selected a spot to dig and bury it. She was a ferocious digger, and I often said she could dig a hole that any Rottweiler would be proud of! I recall one day at Jericho when I was enjoying the sun and looked around, wondering where she had gone. Then I saw a plume of sand flying up down the beach and discovered she had dug so deep she was down in the hole with her stick. I stood laughing so hard…. and I can visualize it to this day!

Ramona was a feisty girl, independent, but she had a soft side too. She was a therapy dog to my husband, who had major surgery, and when he came home, she would climb up on his chest and lay across his wound area as if to help heal his scar. This was truly amazing, I thought.

When Emma finished her dentistry at UBC, she got a job in Sechelt, and I got to visit Ramona there before she decided to return back East, to Ottawa, after a year. This was a very sad time for me, having to say farewell to our dear little friend, who was a part of our family.

We kept in touch, and she enjoyed a couple of visits back to Vancouver, and it was at one of these visits that she got to meet our rescue dog “Coco,” who is a chocolate brown colour, like Ramona, a cross between a Chihuahua, Dachshund and some Jack Russell. They got along OK and spent the last four years of Ramona’s life as “sisters” when we were asked to officially adopt Ramona when her owner could no longer keep her. How could I say no?

I recall that evening when I met her at the airport, opening her travel crate, and she jumped into my arms. My heart skipped a beat or two, I can tell you! When we got to our house, she got out of the car, ran up to the door, and when it was opened, she ran straight up the stairs without a backward glance. She was HOME…….

She fitted right into our lives and went on trips with us to motor racing events all around B.C. and into the USA. She remained active, and we had so many fun times, especially dressing up on special events, such as St. Patrick’s Day (her birthday), Easter, and Halloween when we all dressed up in a theme and were legendary in the neighbourhood. Ramona was a good girl “off-leash,” and when we reached the corner of our street, I would let her off, and she would run in her funny little skippy style down to our driveway and peel off and wait at the front door for Coco and me to get there. Coco had lost her sight to glaucoma, so she had to walk on a leash, and she would often bump into Ramona, who would just carry on and not get upset.

Ramona was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in the last month of her life and battled on till the end, walking independently and even having a beach morning in her last days. We had a coffee party for her on her last morning at our favourite coffee spot, Casereccio, and a whole lot of her doggy friends and their owners joined in the fun. She was very lively that day, she always liked a good party, and she had ham and chicken and treated galore! It was such a nice send-off for her. She had a last walk around the block with her little friend Gypsy, and my heart sank as he walked down the block towards the house for the last time and waited at the door, but she could not do the stairs anymore in her final weeks and waited to be carried up.

It was a glorious sunny afternoon when Dr. Jeff came to help her on her final earthly journey. He was so kind and gentle and respectful of my feelings, for which I am so grateful. And so we shared our last cuddle, and she slipped away peacefully as I looked into her wonderful, expressive eyes for the last time. She was privately cremated at “Until We Meet Again,” and her ashes are shared in an urn; we will scatter the others in her favourite places when we can all get together again.

I have put up a tribute to her on a big tree at the end of our driveway for all who pass by to see. And we share her farewell with you all below.

My farewell to everyone who knew me, from”RAMONA” ”

March 17th 2005 – Sept 27th 2022
(Aged 17 1/2)
I left this World, on the wings of Angels, in the arms of my best friend and Mum, Sue, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on a glorious, sunny afternoon, Tuesday, September 27th, 2022.
Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free. I left behind some misery.
My days of youthful agility
Were no longer a possibility.
My weak joints and cloudy eyes,
were longing for the heavenly skies. Before I lost all my dignity,
You let me enter eternity.
Do not grieve for me.
You’ve set me free.
Just remember how I used to be……
Dogs come into our lives,
leave pawprints on our hearts, and we are forever changed.
Love, Sue, Gerry and your friend “Coco” -Sue P.

Chico, known in the neighbourhood as “Punky” because he was just like a little slice of pumpkin pie: delightful, a special treat, and spiced to perfection.

This little man knew how to be comfortable. Chico would swoon when wrapped up and warm in his favourite faux fur.

‘Punky’ loved to sleep in bed with his Mom. At only 2 kg, she was terrified of squashing him so surrounded him with pillows to keep him safe. One night he went missing, only to be discovered way over under his Mom’s pillow, trying to be closer to her. What a sweetie!

Forever remembered, forever loved💕

— Gaeron C, September 2022

We adopted Ashy she was already 13 and we were her 3rd home. The third time is a charm, as that was her retirement home! This bug brought us so much joy during her almost 6 years with us. She was one of a kind and truly the best kitty. When she was diagnosed with a terminal disease she was still a champ, still a love bug, but sadly it started taking a toll on her little body. Dr. Jennifer Boterf and the whole team at Lifting Stars were kind and compassionate, making such a difficult moment peaceful. As much as we miss her, I like to think Ashy is now chasing birds, napping at the best sunbeams she can find, and eating tuna in kitty heaven.

— Vania Pacheco, October 2022

We had to say goodbye to our fur baby Maxx on September 19, 2022. Maxx was an amazing cocker spaniel with a huge personality that we had so enjoyed over the years. He loved playing fetch, going for walks with his nose tight to the ground sniffing everything in his path, spending time in the kitchen hoping a tidbit of food would hit the floor, going on pet-friendly vacations, showing off his swimming skills, greeting everyone at the door with a bark, getting his squeak toys to squeak, always wanting to chase squirrels up trees, snuggling up with us to watch a movie, he was always a part of the signing of special cards to loved ones, spending time with his four legged cousins, and at the end of each and every day, cuddling in bed with us! We miss him and his energy dearly! Maxx, you were loved beyond what words can say and will live in our hearts forever.

— Shane & Carolyn, September 2022

Peaches came from a small town in Manitoba called Winnipegosis. Peach was the only kitten in her litter that purred and licked my finger whenever I picked her up. She was so tiny – she would lay on my lap and start falling asleep; it was so cute! I didn’t dare move an inch lest her sleep be disturbed. Despite my parents’ disapproval of a third pet, I brought Peaches home to Winnipeg and discovered (very audibly) during the ride how much she hated car rides. She still won the hearts of my parents, even with the hefty vet bill for her shots, spay, and ear mites. She also won over our dog Kacey, but unfortunately not our cat Sadey (not a surprise; Sadey didn’t like anyone!).

There was never a time that Peaches wasn’t purring. Her favourite spot to sleep was curled up on my chest or next to Kacey. She would always rub her face against mine or bump her head up to get a forehead kiss. By the age of 5, both Kacey and Sadey had passed, and we moved east to Milton, Ontario – eventually Oakville a year after. Peaches’ new friend in Ontario was a 6-year-old Siamese named Caesar – they didn’t get along at first but eventually learned to co-exist. For such a young cat, Peaches had some very bad teeth and ended up getting most of them pulled! With only six teeth left on her bottom-front jaw, her cuteness only increased due to the resulting ‘old-man-face’ she would now make involuntarily.

After Peaches turned 8, she said goodbye to Caesar as we left Ontario and moved to Burnaby, British Columbia, where we eventually found out that Peach had developed diabetes. The insulin injections, thankfully, only lasted a few months as she went into remission and was put on a strict vet-prescribed diet. Being on wet food and having barely any teeth did not stop Peaches, and she made it VERY well known throughout the household whenever she was hungry. Her meows turned into rhythmic ‘meow-hums’ when she scuttled along after me as I went to fetch her next meal.

She was an extremely playful and silly cat. She didn’t need any fancy or expensive cat toys; all she needed was a laser pointer or a piece of string, and she was entertained with no end in sight. During her 11th year, Peaches had a lump (benign) removed from her mouth; she mysteriously caught bronchitis and began suffering from chronic constipation. After a worrisome visit to the emergency, a new ingredient was added to her regular diet – stool softener! For a time, Peach was back to her plain-old, silly self, including her not knowing how to cover up her own poos in the litter box.

Around her 12th birthday, we adopted a new friend for Peaches to play with – a Pomsky puppy named Nova! Sadly, we thought we had many more years of Peaches in our lives, but Peach had developed an even bigger lump in her mouth which turned out to be OSCC. We were devastated to learn that we wouldn’t be able to save her as all the nearby oncology departments were back-logged, and the tumor had already spread into her jawbone. Peaches lived out the remainder of her days with her friend Nova and – with the help of strong painkillers – was able to enjoy being spoiled with treats and delicious foods she normally couldn’t have from her previous diabetes. She got all the extra pets and cuddles and loved being brushed.

Peaches was such a good kitty. We held her tiny paw as she left us, and we’ll never forget her. Even though she was only 12, she had traveled all over Canada, watched me go through three relationships, and helped me cope with the breakups as well as the deaths of loved ones. She was my anchor. I’m glad I was able to give her a life full of love and silliness. She’ll always be my little baby.

— Harrison & Hannah, September 2022

A rescue from Athens, Greece, Snickers brought us 14 years of love. She was less of a companion than a permanent roommate. Snickers loved pizza and French fries, watching television (especially Law & Order), complaining about crows and skateboards, and taking up more than her share of the bed. Nicknamed ‘Big Silly,’ she had no use for other dogs but sure loved checking everyone she met for hidden snacks. In her later years, she enjoyed quiet times at home and occasionally ‘crazy running’ in the hallway. She had a life full of adventures, and after crossing the Rainbow Bridge, we received calls and messages from all over the world—Italy, Greece, Germany, Brazil—from her friends who wanted to share fond memories of their time with her. She will be missed.

— Helen & Vlassis, August 2022

“Born in the USA, his racing name was WW’s High Speed. According to records available from the Florida bureau that governs dog racing, he raced 93 times and placed first in 20 of thoseraces. In July 2012 he found himself at Greyhound Pets Inc., the wonderful adoption agency inWoodinville, WA. On September 29, 2012, he came with us to make a new home in Vancouver.

After his arrival, we wrestled with what his new name would be. It was then we saw a videoabout a family who named their dog “Hastings.” Choosing a street we lived beside was ano-brainer. From then on he was Fraser Dog.

Fraser not only lit up our lives but often those of strangers we met walking down the street.

People would often stop to tell us what a beautiful dog he was. Fraser was even in histemperament and was gentle in the presence of children and other dogs.

He became the beloved companion of Angus, the mischievous Westie belonging to Stacey’sparents that pre-deceased him last September. They would always chase around our yard whentogether, though Fraser hardly let him catch up.

We have so many fond memories of his near decade in our lives. The time we brought him home, our travel together one time to the Okanagan (he didn’t like car rides much), the times wehugged him, and the thousands of walks exploring our neighbourhood together. Fraser becameour community ambassador by letting us strike up so many conversations with others in the ‘Fraserhood.’

During summer, Fraser would take over a patch of our garden we fenced off for him, digginghimself a pit to lie in the dirt to keep himself cool. It is here we will spread his ashes, foreverbonding him to our home and to our hearts.

Farewell, Fraser, you handsome boy.”

— Stacey, Sophie & Mike, August 2022

“Smokey was part of our second VOKRA foster litter, five tiny black kittens who were around seven weeks old when they came to us in late 2010. He was an extremely anxious kitten with unusual phobias (he was particularly afraid of hats and mismatched socks). We worried about his ability to adapt to a new home, so we chose to make him and his sister Freya permanent members of our family.

Smokey was named for the faint brown tabby markings that gradually faded into a sleek, silky black coat as he grew into the kindest, gentlest house panther. His own anxieties diminished but never really went away, which may be why he had so much empathy for other animals and people. We continued to foster, and when we had very sad, frightened kittens who really needed love or support, Smokey would wrap his arms around them in a giant bear hug until they felt reassured and safe. He and Freya essentially adopted our third kitty, Sage, when he returned subdued and disheartened after a failed adoption.

Smokey was a true “nurse cat,” staying glued to the side of anyone who was ill or upset and showing great compassion. If you were in need of comfort, he would snuggle in by your side or sit behind you, placing a gentle paw on your shoulder and purring into your ear. Smokey loved to have his belly scratched and would respond with his unique five-point hug, where he would wrap all four legs and his tail around your arm while he purred. He never demanded anything and was always very grateful for everything he was given.

Smokey loved his people more than anything. He would quietly follow us from room to room, finding spots where he could sit close by and wait patiently for pets. While I played my electronic drums, he would sit beside me on an end table, either watching with fascination or somehow managing to nap through the practice. He was very pleased to have us both home much more than normal during the Covid outbreaks. He became an active participant in many Zoom meetings, much to the delight of all those attending, showing a keen interest in library governance and going down in Zoom history when he threw up an impressively large and noisy hairball just off camera during one departmental meeting. We’re grateful that he had the opportunity to bring a little extra joy to so many people during such a difficult time.

Even during his final short illness at only 11 years old, Smokey never complained and gave the quietest purrs for pets right up until the end. We are grateful beyond words to Dr. Jeff and Lifting Stars for how they supported us through his last day and helped make an unbearable experience as bearable as it could be. Smokey left us gently, peacefully, and in safe hands that carried him away with the utmost care and respect. We will miss him forever.”

— Kay and Jen, June 2022


“I’ve had Charlie cat since he was 8 weeks old and it was love at first sight. He then spent a remarkable 14.5 years with me until February 3, 2022. Charlie was a sweet and loving cat, playful and mischievous and very talkative. He was pretty much my shadow and followed me everywhere I went in the house. Last summer, I started to call him Pirate Charlie, he had to have his left eye removed due to an abnormality and even though it seemed he was doing well at first his health just started to slowly decline until the last couple of weeks, where he was just too weak to even eat anymore. Our last night together he sat by me, stared down into my face and purred as hard as he could. I would compare him to a train engine because his purr was just so strong. The next day I made that extremely hard decision to say goodbye to him.

I am very grateful and thankful for Dr. Berkshire and his staff for helping Charlie on his journey across the rainbow bridge. Dr. Berkshire was so calm, respectful and patient. He gave me all the time I needed to say goodbye to Charlie and was so very gentle with him. I will miss you forever Charlie bear and hope we will meet again someday.”

— Janelle L., February 2022


“To our beautiful little girl, Jessie. “We love you forever and always. Thank you for choosing us to be your forever family.”

Just after 2:00 PM on January 7th of 2022, my wife and I said a tearful goodbye to our beloved family member Jessie O’Callaghan Kerr as she peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by her loved ones and under the kind care and supervision of Dr. Jeff from Lifting Stars Pet Homecare.

Jessie entered our lives in the Summer of 2010 when we first spotted each other from across the room at the Vancouver SPCA. She was five years old, had been abandoned twice, and was incredibly shy. As soon as I saw Jessie, I turned to my wife (then fiancée), grabbed her hand, and walked her toward the beautiful calico kitty. My wife and I formed a very special bond with Jessie as we spent the time to slowly gain her trust enough to scratch her neck, pet her nose, and eventually hear her heart-warming purr. On Jessie’s cage was a heart-breaking description that read “I’m beautiful, but I don’t know it.” From that exact moment, I knew that we were the forever family to love and care for her, showing her how truly beautiful she is.

At the time, Jessie preferred to be the only cat in our household. She absolutely loved affection, but only if it were on her own terms. Jessie was very timid and was frightened easily by sounds, motions, and any changes made to her environment. We were eventually relieved to find a daily medication that we could give to her to help with her severe stress and anxiety. In the Summer of 2013, we added another fur-baby to our family. This time, it was a rescue kitten named Lily. Jessie was very hesitant to be around Lily at first, but over time they became inseparable.

Being a kitty with special needs, Jessie has had a huge impact on our lives by teaching us how to be more patient, understanding, empathetic, and compassionate. We will miss her every single day but are comforted in knowing that she will forever be in our hearts, memories, thoughts, and conversations.

We love you, Jessie. Forever and always,
Your forever daddy and mommy, Doug and Heidi, and your little sisters, Lily and Hilo” — January 2022


“On January 7th 2021 we said our last goodbye to Cosmo, my husband’s best friend since he was 17 years old. She was the family dog for a good 15 years and we were honoured to serve as her “retirement home” in the last years of her life.

In 2020, Cosmo was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in her spleen. Although surgery to remove the spleen bought us “bonus time” with our favorite girl, we knew it would only be a matter of time before her cancer returned. Seven months later Cosmo began to slow down, having mobility issues, and difficulty eating. We were carrying her and hand feeding her, knowing that despite our best efforts, we were increasingly unable to maintain her quality of life. Even though we knew she wasn’t enjoying life like she used to, it was still extremely difficult for us to determine whether or not it was her time to go. Although it’s selfish, we wished that we could have Cosmo in our lives forever. Cosmo was, and will always be, irreplaceable.

At this time, we arranged an appointment with Dr. Jeff for a quality of life assessment. Our meeting with him was extremely helpful. He shared our pain with us, including his own story of losing his dog to cancer, and helped us determine signs that would tell us it was time to let go. Things that were especially helpful was 1) knowing that we don’t want her quality of life to go to “zero” and 2) knowing that the accommodations we were making for her (like hand feeding) was the ultimate sign of care, not a way of keeping her alive for selfish purposes.

Later that week, we decided it was time to let Cosmo go and Lifting Stars was able to schedule something within 24 hours. I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable it was to hold her until her last waking moments, all in the comfortable environment of her favorite dog bed. In those moments, Dr. Jeff wasn’t just a vet, but someone who cared about Cosmo just as much as we did.

Cosmo was smart as a whip, stunningly gorgeous, the matriarch of our family, and made each moment a bright one. She was such a strong girl that gave us everything she had until the very end. We miss her so much but have been told that the magnitude of grief is a measure of the love you had when your pet was still alive. We feel so lucky to have had such a powerful love and will cherish the memories forever. Thank you Lifting Stars for making those final memories good ones, we don’t know what we would do without services like yours.”

— Erika & Geoff, January 2022


“On November 12th, 2021, my husband and I said our final farewell to our beloved Yogi Bear. It was undoubtedly the hardest and most heartbreaking decision we have ever made and it felt like a part of our hearts was taken from us. He had just made it past his 11th birthday.

Yogi had been dealing with a collapsing trachea and breathing issues his entire life, and even after 2 emergency stent surgeries and a week-long stay in the ICU, the stents ultimately kept failing and we knew it just was not meant to be.

Honestly, on the day that Dr. Jeff came to our house, I was in such deep pain and sorrow I do not have a clear recollection of what he looked like, or much of what was discussed. However, I do remember very clearly how gentle and calm Dr. Jeff was, and how he never rushed any of his words or actions when interacting with us and Yogi.

At a time when we were overcome with so much emotion and sadness, I am so very grateful for Dr. Jeff because he allowed us to walk our little Yogi across the rainbow bridge in the safety and peace of his own home, with his mommy and daddy holding his little paws.

Above anything in this world, Yogi absolutely loved food and eating; he never understood that human food was not for him. Countless times I would come home to find him sitting on his little perch in front of the window with an empty bag of chips, or treats, or anything he could sniff out.

He did not care for the company of other canines or 4 legged creatures, but he loved car rides and road trips and just going anywhere as long as he was with us.

Now that he is free from pain and “worldly” rules and limitations, I like to think that he is always trotting close to me, leash free, with a little backpack filled with all his favourite foods and treats.

He was the best little boy, and we will never ever forget him or the permanent imprint he left on our lives. Mommy and Daddy love you Yogi. “

— Howie & Jenny, November 2021

“On Friday November 19th, 2021 I said a final goodbye to my beautiful handsome boy Mr. Spooky, with the gentle compassionate assistance from Dr. Jeff and Dr. Lucy from Lifting Stars. It is heartbreaking and so sad, but it was Spooky’s time to go to the “rainbow bridge “ to be free from suffering and pain and a rapidly failing quality of life. My little Spooky cat was with me for over 15 years. In 2006, I got him as a 5 month old rambunctious mischievous kitten from the SPCA shelter at the old Petcetera in Arbutus Mall. Six days before that, he had been brought down to Vancouver from The Kootenays where he had been in a shelter for 3 months and waiting for his forever home. He couldn’t believe his luck when he marched out of his new carrier when I got him home. He settled in very quickly and was a very happy cat and had a good long life. Spooky saw me through some huge and very difficult life transitions, including the loss of my partner and soulmate (Spooky’s “Dad”) over 4 years ago from Cancer. Spooky developed Hyperthyroidism in April 2021, was allergic to the meds and wouldn’t eat the thyroid diet food, so it was going to get worse. He had a pretty good summer but started to go downhill at the beginning of November from his worsening thyroid condition and accompanying symptoms. They say that you will know when it is time to have your little fur buddy put to sleep and you really wonder if you will “know“? I did know when it was the right time. It was a tipping point between a reasonable quality of life to a rapidly deteriorating one. We know our animals so well and we really notice when their behaviour changes and know when they are no longer happy or enjoying much of anything anymore. I had a duty and responsibility not to let Spooky get any worse and to let him go when he still had some dignity, although it broke my heart. I am at peace with my decision and I want to thank Dr. Jeff and Dr. Lucy so much for providing such a necessary service so that we can let our pets go in the comfort of their own homes where they have been happy and comfortable all of their lives.

Spooky was the most affectionate, gentle sweet cat with a big personality and my constant companion and who was with me through so much. I will miss my little Spooky forever — love you so much little buddy. Rest in peace. May 2006 to Nov 19th 2021” — ”Mummy “ Marion W., xxx; November 2021


“Mama the great matriarch cat came to me for her retirement years in October of 2019. She was a keenly intelligent, beautiful cat who delivered 3 litters of kittens. Mama was known for her initial memorable escapes from attempts to capture and spay her until she was finally lured due to her passionate love for tuna. Mama spent most of her adult life in a beautiful backyard cattery with a few of her babies, lovingly cared for by her good friends Sherry and Aaron. When she came to me, I was initially worried that Mama would miss her companions & outdoor life. Fortunately, we became fast, fierce friends and she loved her retirement. Truly, she was such a dear and beloved companion.

Mama had loads of personality for being such a little cat! Though she only weighed 6.5 lbs, she had huge preferences when it came to food, schedules, company & grooming. She enjoyed napping on many varieties of fluffy pillows and her favourite perch was in a tiny pink flamingo pillow. Mama not only enjoyed her own food but also demanded servings of our people meals whenever we gathered. She enjoyed, in particular, petitioning for food from my sister Janine with her incisive pterodactyl squeaks. When Mama was displeased she communicated her feelings loudly, earning the nickname Poocaso. Fortunately, Mama was also an intensely loving, affectionate cat who loved daily brushing to the point of drooling, snuggling with me and being carried around in my arms so she could participate in every conversation / Zoom meeting / in-person or on-screen social activity.

In August 2021 her health changed quickly over a few short days and we received confirmation that her lung cancer had progressed. At the age of approximately 17.5 years, this would mean that her time with us was extremely short. We had 4 days of a “Mama-Moon” where we got to live our best lives together. I didn’t leave her side and was able to offer her her favourite foods to enjoy, if only even for a sniff. She was visited by the important people of her life including Sherry and Aaron. Finally, Mama took her last breaths in her pink flamingo, in my arms in the presence of her other servant, my sister Janine and the wonderfully compassionate Dr. Jeff.
I sorely miss her 5am breakfast wake-up antics and her attentive, adoring company. She brought so much joy and love to me and many people in her lifetime. Mama, I’m grateful for your friendship and our glamorous cat lady love affair. You’re in my heart forever.
Deep thanks to Dr. Jeff and his incredible team for their tender, compassionate, skillful care in the days leading to Mama’s last breaths. I will be forever grateful to you all for your loving expertise and gentle support. Special thanks to Sherry & Aaron for their loving care of Mama before she came to me. Finally, deep appreciation to Janine and the Phamily for adopting Mama as their own along with all my friends and companions who fell in love with her during our time together.”

— Sincerely, Joan, August 31, 2021


“By way of background, our beloved Jenny passed away on August 20, 2021 due to Lymphoma.

In June 2020, she started having full-body seizures which worsened over time. Fortunately those were able to be controlled using medication.

On August 7, we’ve noticed several tumors under her tail. We quickly took her to Canada West Veterinary Specialists & Critical Care hospital in Vancouver for emergency treatment. After several exams and tests, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Because of her age, removing tumors surgically was not an option and for the same reason we did not want to put her through Chemotherapy. She was provided Gabapentin & Prednisone, but we were told that our time with her was limited.

She gave us almost 15 years (3 weeks short to be precise) of unconditional love. We wanted to make sure her last days were comfortable and happy. We spoiled her — lots of her favourite food, took her favourite places, and met her favourite people.

We did not want her to suffer at the end, so we asked you to release her at home. This was the very last gift that we could give to our girl. Jenny peacefully passed in our arms…

Jenny enjoyed her last walk at Mundy Park that morning with her sister Jonna and our good friend, Samson, Jake and Pebbles. Jenny also finished her special breakfast and went to bathroom before Dr. Berkshire arrived. She was such a good girl.

We wanted to thank Dr. Berkshire for his compassionate and professional help in the end. We were a real mess but his dignified and respectful approach allowed us to get through this.

We know that only time can ease our pain, but we miss her terribly…. She was a gentle, sweet and kind girl. She had to put up with two puppies (Jina who passed in 2018 due to Lymphoma) and Jonna. She was always so nice to her sisters.

R.I.P. sweet girl Jenny until we meet again.” — Love, Alex & Akemi, August 2021


“Good bye, so long, farewell, my friend. 14 years ago we brought home a little dachshund puppy who’d become our first baby when the real thing was elusive for so long. Heidi was the BEST stand in. Even though she probably peed on your carpet or pooped on your floor (if you know, you know), she was the sweetest little mini. She’d take a meandering stroll over a leash walk any day. She’d do almost anything for a piece of cheese. Always a lover of people, she’d throw herself at the feet of strangers for a quick belly rub. In her Ontario days she was a therapy dog for the Toronto Grace Hospital, where she brought joy to many with complex needs. Two years ago we made the decision to drive across the country to start a life in Vancouver. We knew it would be a one-way trip for her. She got to retire in cushy Kitsilano, with no more harsh winters. She even stuck around long enough to meet our daughter, Georgia. Her work here was done. Dr. Jeff was an absolute angel. Together we gave Heidi the most loving, compassionate send off we could have ever hoped for. We miss your goofy spirit everyday.”

– Rachael, Patrick and Georgia, August 2021


“Earlier this year we had to say goodbye to our beautiful, gentle companion Nellie. She was 16 and we got her as a rescue at 1 1/2. She had a fantastic long life and enriched ours greatly. She was our best friend and companion for over 14 years. Our grief has been immense.

Dr. Berkshire was better at helping us with this terrible necessity than we could ever have imagined. His gentle, calm, caring, informative, and professional handling of Nellie’s end of life process was so very much appreciated. His compassionate telephone staff was exemplary as well, allowing me my tears while trying to explain our situation with Nellie that day. We highly recommend Dr. Berkshire and his team if others find themselves and their pet in this very sad situation.”
— Glen and Lori, June 2021


“Arne, my little rescue dog of eight years, gave us the best years of his life. He was more than a dog he was a living, loving soul. It was the hardest decision my husband and I had to make to let him go over the rainbow bridge. I don’t know what we could have done to respect and honour him more and let him go with love and dignity without the help of Dr. Jeff and Lifting Stars. Dr. Jeff is the most caring man I know and without him our boy would have had to go to the vets (who he really didn’t like going to). Dr. Jeff made it possible for him to go peacefully at home with his mom and dad who loved him more than anything else in the world.”

— Vonnie and Bill, May 2021


“After more than a year of courage and strength battling both terminal kidney disease and epilepsy due to a brain tumor, it is with deep sorrow that I share the passing of my little angel Penelope in her seventeenth year. Her mission was to inspire heartfelt smiles. Mission accomplished dear angel.”

— David A., April 2021


“I was 19 years old when someone handed me a kitten and I didn’t think much more than how cute and fun a kitten is… fast forward nearly two decades and this kitten turned out to be the most consistent and loving companion I never knew I needed. I tried to name her a few things but Catface stuck – my little Catface. She was fiercely independent, strong and regal. A Queen. She wasn’t into cat treats but she would demand her spot of cream each morning when she heard the clinking of spoon and mug. She’s always been small but for many years, she ruled her neighbourhood without fear of other, bigger cats. In her last two years she wouldn’t go outside much, she must have known how vulnerable she’d become with age. She leaned into me during this time and seemed to revert to her kitten self – always wanting to be with me, on me, beside me. She was a quiet girl but she had her preferences and boundaries and she didn’t have a problem expressing those. When it became more and more clear that things were winding down, the decision to let my sweet girl go was agonizing. My deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Berkshire for being so calm, clear and understanding – and for handling Catface so gently and tenderly at the very end. And my sincere condolences to Dr. Berkshire who also had to say goodbye to his own beloved cat in January.

There’s still this pervasive narrative in our society that ‘it’s just a cat’ or ‘just a dog’- please know that any person who understands this incomparable bond understands you – and the profound loss and pain in having to say goodbye. These relationships are so joyful, uncomplicated and secure – of course it’s a devastating loss.

I miss you with all of my heart gorgeous girl, you did such a good job love. Rest In Peace Catface, you’ve earned it. Love you and forever grateful, your mummy.” — Kelly L., April 2021


“Last Tuesday February 23rd 2021 we said goodbye to the best cat ever, Lulu, also known as Luluboo and known by some as Lulita. The first known sighting of her was in 2004 when she had a litter of kittens and was fostered through VOKRA. For the last 17 years she’s been a wonderful companion, and we are really grateful to have had Dr. Jeff’s help in saying goodbye to our beloved Lulu. She loved snuggles and always needed to be near us, spending many afternoons snoozing on the desk, or nestled into her leopard print bed on the couch. Always near, always happy. She loved turkey, chomping on grass any chance she could and spending time staring out our windows chirping at birds. We love you Lulu.”

— Jess & Jeff, February 2021


You were there in the dark
A bundle of love on the edge of disaster
Reaching out to us, to our souls, a beacon in the storm
The years you gave us filled our hearts with joy and tenderness
Sometimes when the stars line up just right, an angel appears
Goodbye to our sweet angel, Bella

— Sharon & Tor, February 2nd, 2021


“On Thursday January 14th, 2021 I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Squeak. He was truly a one of a kind cat, and one that filled my life with so much unconditional love and endless cuddles. He was a curious, intelligent, friendly and handsome boy that seemed to be interested in everyone and everything. He gave the best hugs, loved to eat, take naps, participate in board games nights, dive into warm laundry baskets, play with laser and mice toys, remind the doggies who their boss is from time to time…and make friends with everyone that met him. He was the best cat I could have ever hoped to come into my life, and I will forever be thankful that he did. I hope now that he’s with Dad, Metro and Penny…soaking up some love and continuing to share his love and bring smiles like he always did. I love you and miss so much my dear little Squeaky.”

— Dr. Jeff Berkshire, January 2021


“Bailey, Bailey is just an ordinary Beagle. Nothing special about him as he does everything all other Beagles do. He loves sniffing and picks anything on the ground. Gets diarrhea and rushes to the emergency. He makes everyone happy and even just the way he walks makes people smile. He wags his tail off when he sees us and expresses his happiness to the fullest. He was quiet and calm like a small lake in a forest. Now the water is gone and we find how deep the lake was. We are so grateful that he chose us to spend his life with us. He made our life so special. He will be always with us.”

~ Atsushi & Masumi, November 2020


“There will never be another cat like Mr. Joe Black. He loved my bags, especially the designer ones. If there was a heavy ring attached he would knock it against the floor until he got my attention. When he wanted the door open he would hit the bell hanging from the string so hard that he would make it spin around the handle!”

Nicked him! Here he is caught in action. No doubt laughing his face off because the last time he got ‘me’ really good. I was cleaning out my favourite bag and found a dried up carcass of a rat in the bottom! Must have been a few months old and travelled with me to some of the best hotels! Yikes!” — Alannah, July 2020


“Kes was born in the fall of 2002, a semi-feral kitten. She had been trapped by the SPCA along with her siblings, and were going to be euthanized because they were all sick with colds. That is where VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) stepped in and saved their lives. Eight months later, after much socialization and fostering, I entered her life to give her a forever home. Thus began an 18 year friendship.

I would describe Kes as a very shy, one person cat. She tolerated other people and other cats, but when you got to know her, she was as gentle as can be. She liked to climb up on me and purr, and occasionally groom me. She would meow and purr at me and demand petting, snuggles and of course her favorite thing. Food. When Kes was about 7, I had to put her on a diet because she was extremely overweight. I switched her from dry diet to moist grain free and the weight steadily came off until she was a much healthier size. Kes enjoyed near perfect health most of her life, her geriatric blood work always came back perfect. Which is why putting her to sleep was so hard. Her arthritis was no longer manageable. She was also starting to suffer from cognitive decline.

Kes was a very very vocal cat. She meowed for everything. Sometimes, she’d even wake up from a dream and meow for pets. She meowed for food, attention, comfort, even catnip! Kes had a clock in her tummy. I would feed her controlled portions at specific times each day. If she ate at 5:00 pm, she’d meow at 4:59 pm to let me know it was almost time to eat, even waking from a sleep! Now that she’s gone, I miss seeing her in all the places she’d be in. On the big rug downstairs. Waiting for me at the top of the stairs (To feed her healthy snacks!). Meowing with her head between the railing demanding supper. Snoozing in her bed. On her perch looking outside, chirping at birds. Rubbing her cheek on the wall at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me to come down and feed her. Sleeping in her other cat bed downstairs.

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Berkshire for his tender compassion in handling her and making sure her exit from this life was painless and peaceful. She will be forever loved and forever missed.”

— Kes’ meowmy, February 2020


“This little guy…our fur baby in every sense of the word, became gravely ill so very suddenly in late January. After winning a health battle earlier last year this one we were told would defeat him and so we had to make the agonizing decision to help him go in peace on February 12, 2020. He was my first ever four legged friend and a part of almost my entire Canadian chapter to date. On the top of Thomas’s shoulder nearly 12 years ago he made me realize my soulmate was ready to be a daddy…and he was my shining light through some dark years of crazy cold, loss and loneliness while living in Calgary.

Feisty, regal, and a huntsman to the end…you chose us from the hay bales in Nelson at a time in our lives when we sorely needed it…our candle in the dark. How very goosebumpy it was for me to discover only weeks ago that your nickname Bougie means candle in French.

We helped him pass to the spirit world at home…it was as peaceful as possible with Israel Kamakawiwo’ole softly singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and with the help of the incredible Dr Jeff Berkshire. We could not have hoped for a more compassionate, genuine, loving and respectful farewell and will forever be grateful. Thank you Dr Jeff.

Forever in our hearts funny little Valentine” — The Marello Family, February 2020


“Miga was more than our family pet, she was a loyal and faithful companion who always greeted us with a wagging tail and a nudge of her muzzle. Miga warmed our beds, protected our home and made us her best friends. Miga loved the car and looked forward to rides whether big or small. She will be missed at the beach and at the park, but most of all she will be missed by us, because she wasn’t just our pet, she was a member of our family.”

— The Thomas-Cartwright Familiy, December 2019


“In October we had to say goodbye to Stu, our very best friend for over 16 years. Around our house, he was referred to as “the best dog in the world”. He had more nicknames than anyone you could think of. That’s because he had so much personality and character. We believe that he was one of a kind, as he was very hard to train and his antics made him all the more loveable. He spent many hours ‘riding the couch like a cowboy’ to look out the front window onto a busy street. He became a pretty famous fixture given all the comments we got from friends and strangers about the little white fella keeping a constant watch on things. We still feel his presence in the house and miss our constant, faithful shadow. Saying goodbye to Stu was the hardest thing we’ve ever done and we are still not over it. We would like to thank Dr. Jeff for being so compassionate and respectful for our final goodbye to our best friend in the whole world – our beloved guy, Stu”
— Leslie, Rick, Jamie and Cam, December 2019


“Emma was our rescue dog from Tacoma and it was “love” at fist sight. She was the gentlest and most loving of all the dogs we have had over nearly 40 years. She was not only a star, but also the sun and the moon to us.”

— Jacquie & Gordon, & Holly, December 2019


“Sierra, you were the perfect little Pointer girl that came into my life 15 years ago. Out of a litter of 10 puppies – you chose me! I am forever grateful to you for that. I admired you so much for your boldness, determination, and talent in the field. What a nose you had! And you were always up for a game of catch, a run along the dyke, or a tug-of-war with one of my socks. Always so happy to see me – whether I was gone 10 minutes or 10 days. Your love was always unconditional, and your loyalty unquestionable. You trusted me implicitly. In your senior years, you faced your health issues with the same stoic little heart you tackled everything in life. You beat several cancers, but it finally got the best of you. You were my little friend through thick and thin. Saying goodbye to you – with many tears and a broken heart – was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. You taught me so much about loving, living – and dying. I imagine you now in doggy heaven, chasing swallows in a field of flowers – something I know you really enjoyed. Rest In Peace dear Sierra, I love you and I will miss you the rest of my life.”
— Terry S., October 2019


Gunner Feb 2010 – Oct 2019

Gunner came to us from Iowa when he was four months old. He was one of the remaining 3 from a littler of 12, and we feel very privileged to have had him in our lives,and hope that we provided him with all the love and understanding, walks on the trails, swims in the river, that he could wish for.

Gunner was always so happy to see us when we came home from grocery shopping and would burrow his head in every bag to see what tasty treats might be hiding within. We would laugh every time and give him great hugs and kisses and a treat would always follow. He was much loved for the calm and gentle boy that he was; everyone that he met became very fond of him and all were saddened to hear of his passing.

We think about him every day and feel his loss very deeply. Gunner passed away peacefully in our home with his head in my arms whispering to him that he would always be loved and cherished and would forever be in our hearts.

Thank you so much Dr. Jeff for your compassion and guidance through this difficult time. We wanted our boy Gunner to pass away peacefully in our arms and we were able to give that to him. The decision to let him go was a difficult one, he left us far too soon and we miss him terribly; we miss everything about our boy but mostly his presence. Gunner made us laugh every day and gave us great joy every minute

— Janice & Gordon, October 2019


“Said a loving, peaceful goodbye to our lil dude on October 29, 2019. He arrived into my life during an extreme low, and through a series of cuddle-naps, scratches, kisses, and also 3am poop calls; he taught me how to be human again. Later on, he met my family and became an institution within. The fams took him in as their own and showered him with love and care literally until the very end. We’ll all carry his black lil face in our hearts forever.”

— Pedram A., Artist credit: @tiny.toad, October 2019


“Our beautiful husky mix dog Samantha passed away peacefully on July 30th. She had a long life of 15yrs, over 13 in our home. Thank you Dr Jeff for making the experience of saying goodbye as gentle and caring as possible. She is forever running among the flowers.”

— Ruth & Mervyn, July 2019


“Prissy joined our family after spending her first five years as a show and breeding dog. As a result, she maintained a somewhat independent manner however, it was clear she had a deep devotion to us, with whom she enjoyed many walks, trips and other adventures. Throughout her life she had numerous health issues, but Prissy showed us how to persevere with strength, and enjoy life to the fullest. With her big brown eyes, she knew she generally could get what she wanted from us, (which included her favourite dog biscuits), but in return she brought joy and love to our lives. Prissy will be dearly missed.”

— Lynn & Ian, July 2019

grey ghost

“RIP Grey Ghost. Grey passed peacefully on July 13th, 2019 at home with his family; he just got too old to walk and talk anymore. Grey was born in the village of Topley, BC and came to us in 2007, he really had a fantastic life on the coast, always enjoying the snow over the ocean. We will miss Grey dearly as will all the locals in our neighbourhood and Grey’s friends at the Fringe Cafe. But we have many happy memories to treasure. Grey was in his 16th year and as we say in the old country…”had a very good innings”. RIP to our sweet boy.”

— The Hawkins Family, July 2019

grey ghost

“The Vader family recently lost our beautiful dog Lexie. We loved her so much and she will be greatly missed. Her favorite past time was sitting in the garage on a warm day watching the neighborhood, walking her favorite parks exploring all there was to explore, and sharing the big chair with Dad. Lexie made our house a home and brought the family together, we are very grateful for our time together.”
— The Vaders, May 2019

grey ghost

“On April 8th, 2019 we said goodbye to our beautiful fur baby Bentley. He passed away peacefully in the comfort of his home surrounded by his family. You will be missed dearly Ben. We shared so many memories over the years. You came to us all the way from New Jersey as a puppy. So smart, loyal and full of life. You were the best! Never to be forgotten. RIP Bentley April 25, 2007 – March 8, 2019.”

— Doris & Jesse, April 2019

grey ghost

“April 17, 2019 was our last day with our companion. Sonic is so missed and we are honoured that he was part of our family. We had some wonderful times with our little guy. He talked, yodeling is probably a better description, greeted us with such enthusiasm, was a bed hog, teased us with his playing and loved to play soccer and get treats. He didn’t like to be brushed, going to the vet and not being included in family activities. He was part of everything, family vacations on Hornby Island were the best. The words he loved to hear were, walk, treat, and ball, those ears would just perk up. The phrase “where’s your leash” would bring great excitement from all parties. Thank you Sonic for being so amazing during your life with us, I smile just thinking about your younger days. The loss is overwhelming and will be for a while but the memories are the finest.”
— Kim, Don & Taylor, April 2019

grey ghost

“My dearest Tyson, you came in to my life back in August 2002. You brought me joy, happiness, and love and for that I am forever thankful and grateful. You are still in my heart and always will be, and someday I will feed you your favorite treats again (yes there was more than one!). On January 29, 2019, we lost your sister Harley. Tyson, I cannot express my gratitude to you for your love and support through that difficult time. On March 1, 2019, I lost you Tyson. Now I have an another huge void that you are gone, and no words to express it, but I am forever grateful to have had you in my life. I could not have hoped for a better, peaceful and comfortable ending of life for Tyson after being my other integral and much-loved member of our family for 16 ½ years. Tyson, you were one of my greatest gifts in my life. God bless you my sweet boy. Until we meet again bud, Mr. T!”

With all my love and kisses, — Toby S. (Dad pet parent), March 2019

grey ghost

“My dearest Harley, you came in to my life hissing and growling back in August 2002. You brought me joy, happiness, and love and for that I am forever thankful and grateful. You are still in my heart and always will be, and someday we will eat Cheerios together again. On January 29, 2019, we lost you and now have a void that you are gone, and no words to express it, but I am forever grateful to have had you in my life. I could not have hoped for a better, peaceful and comfortable ending for our Harley after being such an integral and much-loved member of our family for almost 16 ½ years. Harley, you were one of my greatest gifts in my life. God bless you my sweet pea. Until we meet again baby! With all our love and kisses.”

— Toby S. (Dad pet parent) and your cat brother Tyson, January 2019

grey ghost

“On December 18, 2018 we said goodbye to our friend, companion and little buddy Sadie. She was taken away from us too soon and yet we are so grateful for the time we did have with her. We will always miss our furry little girl and she will live in our hearts forever. Thank you Dr Jeff Berkshire for the priceless service you provide.”

— Christine & Al H., December 2018

grey ghost

With heavy hearts, the family of Kawasaki (Kawi) Dunn, announces his passing at the age of 86 (cat years), 16 (human years). Born April 2002 in the region of Ottawa ON, Kawi died peacefully and surrounded by love at his home in Vancouver BC, on November 23, 2018. He is survived by his human family and his brother Suzuki.

Kawi held many volunteer positions over the years. His role as an in-house rooster made alarm clocks obsolete. He also served as an assistant bed-maker, professional cuddler, Instagram meowdel and grocery bag inspector. He was a persistent artist with many talents, including early morning opera singing and improv comedy.

Kawi found something to purr about everyday. His many passions included, boxes, treats, garbage bin tipping, his hu-mum, wildlife (especially bird videos on YouTube), unrolling bathroom tissue, his “my little pony” toy and catnip bananas. Kawi’s extra toes, gray goatee and persnickety cattitude made him unique but he will be remembered most for the comfort, smiles and lessons he brought to his family.

He saw mountains and ocean, trains and tugboats, flew first class, tasted cheese, spilled wine and chewed grass. Kawi knew what it meant to be cherished and loved unconditionally. He will be missed more than any words could possibly explain.

Special thanks and appreciation to Dr. Berkshire and Lifting Stars Pet Home Care.” — Sherry & Curtis, November 2018

grey ghost

I recently had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to our beloved almost 19 year old kitty, Simmy. Dr. Jeff came to our house and with such kindness, compassion, calmness, and patience gave our dear little Simmy the most peaceful and dignified transition to cat heaven imaginable – in front of her cozy fireplace in the comfort and love of her own home. I could not have hoped for a better, almost beautiful ending for our Simmy after being such an integral and much-loved member of our family for so many years, and would highly recommend Dr. Berkshire to any pet family in need of his services.”

— Jennifer C., November 2018

grey ghost

To My Precious Sady-girl

Tears fall onto my keyboard as I feel the pain from last Friday of you slipping so peacefully out of the bondage of an aged body.

I remember the day I found you in Sechelt. You weighed one pound of fur and you crawled through a sea of poodles in the pack of various ages. I sat on the floor cross legged and you were bound and determined to be my girl as you struggled over my ankles to get to my center. You were next to me for 17 years. I don’t remember having you wear a leash for more than 10 times. I will remember you tearing around in circles on my lawn so happy. I will treasure you dragging a stuffy three times your size up the steps to bed.

I will always treasure your nose on my eye lashes.

I am so very blessed for how you taught me sweetness in your calm ladylike fashion.

I come through the door now and miss you singing opera. I called it that even though I knew you were so upset that I left you home because it was too hot to take you with me.

I walk in our woods every day still and picture you trotting beside me.

God bless you and keep you until I see you again.

Snuggle with the angels.

— Mommy, September 2018

grey ghost

“How do you say good-bye to the greatest love of your life? From the moment we brought Riley home to the day he took his last breath, he filled our hearts and our lives with the purest love we’ve ever known. Thank you Riley for being the most incredible pup we could have ever asked for. We will love you forever little bear.”

— Mommy & Daddy, June 2018

grey ghost
We remember Lina as an incredible athlete – jumping up at our backdoor window instead of barking to come in (thus the nickname Leapin’ Lina). What a princess! And, as advertised by her breeder and our friend who knew these dogs, very “sucky-face” with everyone she met. Here is a poem that helps capture what we feel:

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will as generous and loving as they are” — Author Unknown

— Brigitte & Lawrence

grey ghost
Honey, our beloved….
You no longer greet us
As we walk through the door
You’re not there to wag your tail
Nor to make us laugh anymore
Life is not the same without you
You were far more than a pet
You were our little girl, our cherished friend
A precious gift from God that we’ll never forget
It will take time to heal
For the silence to go away
We still imagine you close
And miss you everyday
You were such a great companion
Constant, loyal and true
Our hearts will always bear
The sweet memories left by you

— Elaine and Darryl

grey ghost

“At 18 years, after suddenly becoming gravely ill, Lucky peacefully slipped the bands of earth for his cosmic celestial adventure. He was treasured and he also lives on in our hearts. He had many friends and fans, I had the honour of being his biggest.”

— His Dad

grey ghost

“Our family knew, from the first day we brought Sadie home, that she was a free spirit. She liked nothing better than to run pell-mell through the woods or along the beach, barely pausing to take a sniff. When she wasn’t running at full bore, Sadie liked to relax at home and didn’t mind being called the lazy lab. Mind you, she was always watchful. If anyone made a move toward the door, or reached for her leash, she was ready to fly. Really not much of a cuddler, Sadie was our shadow, following us about the house and yard. She was gentle with both dogs and children, never bothered by our younger dog’s unrelenting puppy-like behavior or the grandchildren’s tugs and squeals. It was sad to say goodbye but she had 16 great years and we know that wherever Sadie is now she is running free as the wind.”

— Linda E.

grey ghost

“Roly had the greatest life in living…and dignity and comfort in end-of-life. We miss him terribly, but find solace in knowing that he spent his last days surrounded by those who knew and loved him best.”

— Susan S.

grey ghost

Remembering Oggy

I remember bringing you home.

You were small and cuddly, with your tiny paws and soft fur, your mohawk standing proud.

You bounced around the room with eyes flashing and ears flopping; A mischievous air always about you.

Once in a while you would let out a little yelp just to let me know you were there and that this was your territory.

When you gave me “The Business” – otherwise known as a mumble or a grumble for something I said or did, like taking up too much space on the bed or too much space on your couch. I scolded you, but you just put your head down and looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes as if to say, “I’m sorry, but I’ll do it again soon”.

As you got older you protected me by barking at the slightest nighttime noise. You were my Protector, my brave little boy, my Love.

When I had many tough days at work, in life, or with health, it was you who would be waiting for me with your tail wagging, just to say, “Welcome home…I missed you!”

You knew I had a tough day but you never let me maintain one – You were my Rock.

Your comforting hugs and kisses meant everything to me and brought me out of every dark moment that I had.

You never had a bad day and I could always count on you to be there for me. You had my back and I had yours.

When I lay down to read a book or watch TV, you would quickly hop up upon my lap, lay your head on my chest, and fall fast asleep, never asking for anything more then for me to scratch your head, softly rub your velvet ears, or scratch your tummy.

When you got older you moved around more slowly. Then in this last week, old age finally took its toll, and you could no longer stand on your wobbly legs anymore.

I have knelt down beside you, lifted your head to your water bowl, and begged you to eat food out of my hand.

I lay down beside you throughout our last night together trying to make you young again. You just watched over me, big eyes unblinking, and looked at me as if to say that you were old and tired, and that after 13 years of not asking me for anything, you had to ask me this one last favour….

With tears in my eyes I called our vet, Dr Jeff Berkshire, and said, “It’s time”.

One last time I lay down beside you.

One last time you looked at me as if to say, “Thank you for taking care of me Mommy”. And I said to you, “No Oggy, thank you for taking care of me”.

Deputy Dog…Your life shift on earth is now complete. You are 10-7 little buddy.

— Your Loving Mommy

grey ghost

Right from our first phone call you made me feel calmer in a very scary part of my life, being 70 years old and having Bijou be part of my life for 19 years. I knew in my heart it was her time, but wished she could verbalize it to me. Bijou was the best friend anyone could ever have, she was so loyal and loving. I will always remember her with the fondest of memories and she definitely has left her paw prints in my heart! You arrived when I was in my lowest mood knowing what I had to do, but you were patient and understanding with me, you explained exactly what would happen to put me at ease. To be able to hold your loved one in the comfort of your home makes a sad event easier. I remember holding her against my heart while you gave her the sleepy time shot and I felt her relax and all the pain was released. We next placed her in her little convertible car bed which she loved for her final ride to Heaven. I held her little head and rubbed her ears while you placed the final injection in her leg, she looked so peaceful lying in her convertible ready to leave. You left us alone to have our final moments together and then you offered to take her to your vehicle, however, I believe the fact that I was able to carry her out of our home and place her in your car while she was in her convertible made the closure much easier for me. The name of your business Lifting Stars is perfect as I am now able to believe she is one of our stars looking out for me!!! Thank you again.

— Noella N.

grey ghost

About twenty years ago you came through the open window. No collar, no tattoo and no chip. All searches for your previous home futile.

You moved in and you stayed. You ate, slept and quietly grieved the loss of your previous home. You were the youngest in the family and lived a low profile until the day when it was just you and me. How things changed. You found your Siamese voice, loud, persistent and with clear intent. You developed your long list of wants, needs and demands: open the front door, the back door, the window, the front balcony door, the back balcony door, brush me (several times a day), give me fresh food, light the fireplace, put more wood on the fire, get off the phone, tell that visitor to get out of my chair, go to bed right now so we can have our fifteen minute, under-the-covers-cuddle, get up in the middle of the night, light the fire and keep me company, get off the computer, put that book down and pet me.

You announced when you came in from an outside excursion, you announced when you were going upstairs, and you announced when you were going for a nap. You expected an answer. You persisted – you would not be ignored.

You hunted; you patrolled your yard and tangled with any and all intruders. You followed the sun and disliked cold and rainy days.

You were my baby when you slept in the pram or cuddled at bed time. You were the-man-of- the-house when you ordered me around. You were Ricky day to day…but always you were my King Richard, the head of state…unique, psychic, jealous, loyal and handsome. An adorable and loveable character always in my heart. And yes Ricky, we will meet again.

– Carole W.

grey ghost

He took our breath away. He was the most magnificent, regal and dignified dog we had ever seen. Quiet and headstrong, soft and gentle but with a prey dog’s intensity, Kristull Irish Ash or “Ash” was a study in contrasts. He purred when you rubbed his ears. He hated the rain and loved the snow. The only way to get him into the rain for a walk was to promise him the towel rub he loved so much.

He arrived in Vancouver in 2001 with his companion Kristull Egyptian Beauty or “Ruby”. They were the first silken windhounds in Canada. Ron and I had no idea what we were getting into when we met them at a home about an hour from Vancouver, but we knew we loved them at first sight.

Ash and Ruby, the Canadian pioneers, will now be running side by side across the rainbow bridge celebrating their reunion, having been separated by Ruby’s untimely death three years ago.

We are joined in sadness by the many who loved Ash, some who called him The King, many who knew him as a quiet shadow, and all who came to know silken windhounds through his patient and loving presence. Ron and I, along with Tango, Taj and his friends miss him so. Rest in peace, dear boy, and run like the wind with Ruby.

– Harriett L. and Ron E.

grey ghost


Tigre’ my precious lynx point Siamese
At 6 weeks you entered my life like a fresh spring breeze
With cute rabbit feet, big pink ears and striped tail
A fur ball of white, pink nose and blue eyes crystal pale
With the passing of years, those eyes turned sapphire blue
And your gorgeous lynx markings darkened to a deep mocha hue
You grew to like catnip, golf balls and fake mice
And we darned almost lost you not one time, but twice!
We’ve lodged in four homes through travels, decore and packing
With you hiding in suitcases, boxes and wrapping
I would orchestrate renos while you played the Saint
Tracking through wood stain, soil and buckets of paint!
I’ve watched you grow in proud delight;
Learning to jump, open doors and pretend to fight
For a time we shared living with Gordon and Luna
Where we learned to share vittles, toys, fireplaces and tuna
You’ve been played with and cuddled not only by Kim
But your loving Grandparents as well; Sheila and Jim
You’ve lived up to your pet names – Sultan, Pumpkin, Spudger, Sweet Pea & Jeeves; but the best of them all is our Mr. Teegs!
You’ve taught me of calm and quiet repose
And I’ve cherished your softness and wisdom of soul
What adventures we’ve shared, spring, summer, fall; all three
With reflection in winter, while trimming the tree
After 22 years, you’ve touched much of my life
Laughter, milestones and tears, successes and strife
We’ve enjoyed many moments my dear little friend
I know you must leave, but the love will not end
It’s time for goodbye and for us to part
But your love will live on, here inside my heart

– Kim L.

grey ghost

“It was love at first sight when we saw Mitzi in a shelter and adopted her when she was a year-and-a-half old. She lived an amazing 18 years and enhanced our lives tremendously. Mitzi was a real chatterbox – she always had something to chirp about, even when she walked down a flight of stairs. Mitzi had many talents, of which sitting and shaking a paw was one of her best. While Mitzi never lost her anxiousness about strangers, she did manage to make good friends with a squirrel who regularly visited our back patio. Mitzi had an innate way of making all your worries go away with just a gaze from her loving eyes and her soft purr. We miss her very much.”

– Kevin & Karin L.

grey ghost

“It’s funny, I used to say I rescued Belle from a shelter when she was 3 months old. But in fact she rescued me when I was 31 years old! She was my constant companion, a member of my family, the most gentlest and soulful dog one could imagine. There’s such a void now that she’s gone, and no words to express it, but I am forever grateful to have had her in my life.”

– Matt Z.

grey ghost

” ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star, up in Heaven is where you are, flying high and twinkling bright, my guiding star, my shining light. Twinkle Twinkle little star, my perfect angel is what you are.’ Today I had to say bye to my sweet little Jetty. He passed away shortly after noon. He came into the world on October 1, 2007 and I fell in love with this little ball of fluff in a Kijiji ad in January of 2008 and he came home on the 12th of that month. In the 7.5 years he was here with me I enjoyed many little binkies and mischievous moments and as hard as today was, I would not trade those moments for the world. My little bunshine left knowing he was loved by many. To my sweet little angel, thank you for all the joy you brought to me and for loving me through times when I did not love myself, for kissing tears away and for being such a bunderful little furbaby. Momma will always love you and you will always be in my heart.”

– Jocelyn H.

grey ghost

“My dearest Metro…you were the very first pet that I could call my own and I cannot thank you enough for touching my life as you did. You were a happy, handsome and hungry boy that loved everyone and everything. You taught me so much about life, love, responsibility…and in the end, saying goodbye…and for that I am forever thankful. You are still in my heart and always will be, and someday we will play together again. With all my love my spotty boy.”

April 25, 2012

— Jeff B.

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