Pet Memorial

Custom Urn Options

Our selection of custom urns are available for an additional fee. Please click on each image below to get details on each urn.

Metal Urns

Classic Pet Urn – Brass

Odyssey Paw Print Urn – Crimson

Odyssey Paw Print Urn – Moonlight

Odyssey Paw Print Urn – Pearl

Paw Print Urn – Pewter

Paw Print Urn – Raku

Paw Print Urn – Slate

Silhouette – Country Blue Cat

Silhouette – Fern Cat

Silhouette – Shale Cat

Silhouette – Shale Rabbit

Silhouette – Sienna Cat

Heart-to-Heart Urn

Pagoda Urn Black

Pagoda Urn Blue

Mother of Pearl Elite Urn

Lovedrop Pet Urn – Bronze

Lovedrop Pet Urn – Midnight

Lovedrop Pet Urn – White

Princess Cat Urn – Bronze

Princess Cat Urn – Midnight

Princess Cat Urn – White

Radiance Urn

Cozy Cat – Black

Arielle Heart Urn – Night Sky

Arielle Heart Urn – Raku

Arielle Heart Urn – Ruby

Arielle Heart Urn – Sky Blue

Arielle Heart Urn – Slate

Arielle Heart Stands

Brushed Finished Urn – Bronze

Brushed Finished Urn – Pewter

Classic Paw Print Urn – Bronze

Classic Paw Print Urn – Pewter

Classic Paw Print Urn – Raku

Classic Paw Print Urn – Slate

Cozy Cat – Fawn

Cozy Cat – Sable

Cozy Cat – Tabby

Elegantly Etched Brass Urn – Black

Elegantly Etched Brass Urn – Silver

Elite Cat – Black

Elite Cat – Fawn

Elite Cat – Sable

Elite Cat – Tabby

Going Home Urn

Wood Urns

Classic Oak Urn
Dog House Urn – Brown
Dog House Urn – Tan Image
Finished Box Urn – Cherry
Finished Box Urn – Natural
Wood Photo Urn – Black
Wood Photo Urn – Cherry
Wood Photo Urn – Natural
Tabletop Photo Paw Print Urn – Black
Tabletop Photo Paw Print Urn – Mahogany
Paw Print Memory Chest
Bamboo Box Urn
Photo Cube Urn – Navy
Photo Cube Urn – Violet
Photo Cube Urn – Silver

Outdoor Urns

Everlasting Rock Urn
Lasting Memories Sandstone (Limestone) Rock

Other Urns

Scattering Tubes – Dog
Scattering Tubes – Cat