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Payment Options

Here at Lifting Stars Pet Homecare, contactless payment by e-transfer is preferred. Learn more below.

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Payment Options

The fees for our services depend on the requested services, and the size of your pet that you live. The fee does increase for larger-sized pets and for the area clients living further away from central Vancouver. For a detailed estimate of our services, please call or email us for further information.

Contactless payment by e-transfer is preferred and can be emailed to If needed, we can also accept cash (exact change required), credit cards ($15 credit card processing fee will be applied), or personal cheques (discuss details with the veterinarian).

Humane Euthanasia appointments include a house call, a consultation with the veterinarian, the humane euthanasia procedure, and the cremation fee. The cost for this service is dependent on the weight of your pet, and on the selected cremation service.