About Us

About Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare 

Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare is honoured to provide in-home end-of-life care services to pets of the greater Vancouver area.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate at-home end-of-life veterinary services for dogs, cats, and small mammals in Greater Vancouver.
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What we’re all about

About Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare

In 2015 Dr. Jeff Berkshire recognized the need for a mobile end-of-life veterinary service specifically for dogs and cats in Greater Vancouver. This led to the creation of Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare, which has helped pet owners say goodbye to their loved ones ever since.

Pets are cherished members of our families. Your pet deserves an at-home veterinary consultation that reduces stress and comes with all the amenities of the time they’ve enjoyed in your care. We provide compassionate palliative care and humane euthanasia for your furry companion in the comfort of your home.

Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare Introductory Video

Join us for our introductory video to learn more about Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare. You will get to meet Dr Jeff Berkshire and hear from some of our clients about the end-of-life services that we provide.