Nurturing your senior pet’s well-being through medication care

As conscientious pet owners, providing optimal care for your senior companion requires a deliberate and well-informed approach, especially when administering medications. Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare understands the significance of this aspect in senior pet care, and this guide aims to offer essential tips to effectively manage your senior pet’s medication regimen.

Firstly, it is important that you or anyone else that may be administering the medication/s understand the prescribed dosage and administration instructions. Take the time to grasp these details, and if any uncertainties persist, seek clarification from your veterinarian. This ensures that you possess the necessary knowledge and ensures there is no miscommunication if how and when to give the medications.

Tailor the delivery method based on your pet’s preferences and the nature of the medication. For pills or capsules, options include direct administration or concealing within their food, while liquids and suspensions can be administered with precision using a syringe or eyedropper. If you find it challenging to give your pet capsules and tablets, it is often worth asking your veterinarian if the medication is available in other forms, such as liquids or chews. It is also worth mentioning products such as ‘Pill Pockets,’ which are great for hiding solid medications. They come in a variety of flavours suitable for both cats and dogs.

Ensure your pet’s comfort by establishing a calm environment during medication administration. You should be well-prepared with the medication at hand and have a clear understanding of the prescribed dose before handling your pet. Handle your senior pet with gentleness and care, considering potential factors like sore joints that may cause pain for your animal. After successfully administering the medication, take a moment to praise your pet, further reinforcing the positive interaction. Whenever possible, aim to make the entire process enjoyable for your pet.

Establishing a consistent routine is crucial. Administer the medication at the same time each day as prescribed, promoting not only a structured approach but also making sure your pet receives the full prescribed dose. This consistency optimizes the efficacy of the medication over time and help further solidify this routine.

Vigilance is key to proactive pet care. Monitor your pet’s behaviour and health closely, paying attention to any changes that may occur. Regularly assess their response to the medication and promptly address any concerns that may arise – whether they are improving, worsening, or remaining the same — with your veterinarian. Remember, you know your pet best. Additionally, remember to keep all medications stored safely and away from children and pets.

When medications are needed, your veterinarian can guide you in the best medication options available to help support your pet. In addition, they can discuss the advantages and potential risks of the medications they are recommending. Your veterinarian can guide you in scheduling follow up examinations and appropriate diagnostic testing to help make sure the medication(s) are working as they should while minimizing potential adverse effects.

Always follow the instructions given by your veterinarian, fostering a collaborative approach to your senior pet’s well-being. Lifting Stars Veterinary Homecare encourages pet owners to embrace these practices, creating a positive and nurturing environment for senior pets receiving essential medications. Your commitment to their well-being ensures they enjoy their golden years with the comfort and care they deserve.