UPDATE MARCH 2021: We are not currently scheduling new Quality of Life Appointments. All appointments already scheduled will be honoured. Check back soon for further updates.

Quality of Life Consultation — Online/Phone

If you are concerned about your pet’s quality of life, please contact us to book an appointment. In a changing world, we understand that some pet-owners want to provide the very best care for their beloved pets even in remote circumstances. Thankfully, technology has afforded us the flexibility to provide top-notch care from afar.


Consultation Fee

Online/Phone Consultation: From $300

This covers a one hour consultation by video chat or over the phone.

Important Information about online/phone appointments

For an online consultation to take place, the current law in BC states that a valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) has to be established before a veterinarian can diagnose a patient, give advice and prescribe medications.

For EXISTING CLIENTS, usually this means seeing the patient in person within a certain time frame, most veterinarians consider this to be 6 months in stable animals, less in others. Given the current situation, we are relaxing the usual timeframe and will be able to consult with all clients and patients seen within the past 12 months via on-line consultation.

If you are a NEW CLIENT, you may still schedule an on-line Quality of Life Consultation.  A veterinarian will review your pet’s medical history, discuss their current health condition(s), review palliative care options and quality of life concerns.  The veterinarian will guide you in end of life decision making factors, review the steps of humane euthanasia and answer questions pertaining to your pets health as best possible.  However, in the absence of a physical exam, specific diagnosis cannot be determined and medications cannot be prescribed.

Online consultations proceed by video chat using Zoom.  Phone consultations are available as well.  Please advise which modality would be best for you.

In order for a video chat consultation to take place, you will need internet access and access to a video camera, either on your phone or laptop or similar. We will send a link to your video conference prior to your appointment.