Pet Memorial

Standard Urn Options

Click on each image below to get details on each urn.

Classic Pet Urn – Brass

Odyssey Paw Print Urn – Crimson

Odyssey Paw Print Urn – Moonlight

Odyssey Paw Print Urn – Pearl

Paw Print Urn – Pewter

Paw Print Urn – Raku

Paw Print Urn – Slate

Silhouette – Country Blue Cat

Silhouette – Fern Cat

Silhouette – Shale Cat

Silhouette – Shale Rabbit

Silhouette – Sienna Cat

Heart-to-Heart Urn

Pagoda Urn Black

Pagoda Urn Blue

Mother of Pearl Elite Urn

Lovedrop Pet Urn – Bronze

Lovedrop Pet Urn – Midnight

Lovedrop Pet Urn – White

Princess Cat Urn – Bronze

Princess Cat Urn – Midnight

Princess Cat Urn – White

Radiance Urn

Cozy Cat – Black

Arielle Heart Urn – Night Sky

Arielle Heart Urn – Raku

Arielle Heart Urn – Ruby

Arielle Heart Urn – Sky Blue

Arielle Heart Urn – Slate

Brushed Finished Urn – Bronze

Brushed Finished Urn – Pewter

Classic Paw Print Urn – Bronze

Classic Paw Print Urn – Pewter

Classic Paw Print Urn – Raku

Classic Paw Print Urn – Slate

Arielle Heart Stands

Cozy Cat – Fawn

Cozy Cat – Sable

Cozy Cat – Tabby

Elegantly Etched Brass Urn – Black

Elegantly Etched Brass Urn – Silver

Elite Cat – Black

Elite Cat – Fawn

Elite Cat – Sable

Elite Cat – Tabby

Going Home Urn