LSPH Pre-consultation COVID-19 Letter

Thank you for your interest in Lifting Stars Pet Homecare, We understand that veterinary medical services are still necessary amid the COVID-19 pandemic so we are planning to help families and pets as best and as safely as possible so long as it is permitted to do so. Given the frequently changing nature of this crisis, we understand that either of us may need to alter or cancel plans on short notice; because of this, we’ve opted to waive all cancellation costs if there are health concerns related to COVID-19.


To help maintain public safety and reduce transmission risk of COVID-19 while helping your pet with at-home palliative care and/or humane euthanasia, please advise us immediately if you or anyone in your home or that you have frequent contact with:

1) has had travel outside of Canada within the previous 14 days;
2) has any symptoms associated with COVID-19 including fever, cough or difficulty breathing;
3) has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has had close exposure to anyone that has;
4) is at increased risk for contracting the virus (elderly, chronic health conditions, immune compromised, other health conditions of concern, etc.); or,
5) if there are any other concerns that you have in regard to your personal safety as a result of seeking at-home palliative care and/or humane euthanasia for your pet.


Please note: If respiratory disease is reported by any household member (‘household member’ also includes other close contacts of the animal), they should proceed to complete the BC self-assessment tool:


Pet owners should understand that scheduling services of Lifting Stars Pet Homecare is voluntary and not without potential risk of contracting COVID-19 to themselves, family members or friends. During the consultation we will maintain social distancing and hygiene practices (facial mask, gloves) as best possible to minimize risk, and these precautions and concerns will be reviewed again at the onset of the consultation. It is best to limit attendance of individuals at appointments to one person or two people if needed. If additional family members or friends are present they must maintain a minimum of six feet social distancing and wear personal protective equipment as well.

You will be asked to sign an acknowledgement upon my arrival stating that you understand the risks involved with this visit, and that you agree not to hold Lifting Stars Pet Homecare liable for any COVID-19 related medical issues that may result from or after this visit. Should you be interested, and depending on the situation, we may be able to assist you via a telemedicine appointment (i.e., consultation over phone, email or video chat). Feel free to inquire further if this is of interest.

Payment is preferred by e-transfer to to help minimize contact required for credit card or cash transactions. We have auto deposit so no password is required.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times,

Dr. Jeff Berkshire, DVM