"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful care you gave Abbey in her last moments. Your attention to details, patience, and compassion was so appreciated. The kind words you provided gave me a reassurance that this was the right thing, and Abbey was going to finally have relief. Again, thank you Dr. Berkshire for making my last moments with Abbey a little less painful." -- Mea N.


"We all feel so grateful that we were able to be here at home with Jodi for our final goodbyes. Beyond the comfort your service provides of allowing families to say good bye at home, your sensitivity and patience brings immeasurable relief to such a heart wrenching and emotional situation. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  We feel so lucky to have found you.” – The Hannah Family


"My dog Dylan a border collie flat coated retriever who was 75 pounds was diagnosed with cancer and one week later I had to make the painful decision to put him down as he was in terrible pain – it spread like wildfire. My two dogs prior to Dylan had also died of cancer and I had ended up putting them down in a vets office sitting on the floor as they were both big dogs and the dogs were terrified and knew I was upset and it didn’t help them.

I made the decision to have Dylan put down at home as one of my neighbours had used Dr. Jeff Berkshire’s services for their dog. Dylan my gentle giant died in the living room in my arms and was content and relaxed as he could be when he was sick. Dr. Berkshire made the whole process as easy as is possible. Dylan went out with dignity and the respect he deserved. I know I will never get as great a dog as him again - he was a rescue and the best dog I ever had.

I had two friends with me when I put Dylan down and both said when their dogs die they will do the same thing. I strongly recommend Lifting Stars services it is the only way to put a much loved animal to sleep and well worth the money. Dr. Berkshire is compassionate, kind and very professional. Thanks again Jeff I hope I don’t need your services again for a long time but I know where you are." -- Dorothy K.           


"We all feel so grateful that we were able to be here at home with Jodi for our final goodbyes. Beyond the comfort your service provides of allowing families to say goodbye at home, your sensitivity and patience brings immeasurable relief to such a heart wrenching and emotional situation. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. We feel so lucky to have found you.” – The Hannah Family


"We want to express our sincerest gratitude to you for assisting our family yesterday. Your care and compassion for Riley and all of our family was so deeply felt and appreciated by all of us. You truly have an amazing gift that allowed us to say goodbye to Riley with such deep love, care and respect and peace." -- The Martin Family


"I'm very grateful of the fact you took care of Sukii today and I have a lot of respect for the way you handled the situation with patience and understanding and professionalism, my wife and I are thanking you from the bottom of our hearts." -- Sasha & Romain


"I just wanted to thank you again for helping Stripes find peace after her battle with cancer, and helping us through such a difficult process. You made us all feel reassured, calm, and stress-free, so we were able to focus on sharing our love for Stripes, and not on the process itself. It's going to help our healing so much having such wonderful final moments with Stripes. This is really amazing and selfless work that you do, and we deeply appreciate your compassion.”  -- Brent & Lauren


"Our dear Evee brought joy and laughter to our lives every day for over 15 years. Her illness and passing has broken our hearts and our lives are profoundly diminished without her presence. Through this difficult time, you stood beside us; gentle, compassionate and respectful. You have been a godsend at a very difficult time. Thank you for shining your light and guiding us through a very dark time. With our deepest gratitude." -- Laurel & Rachael


"Libby was my peace and my heart. Our decision had to be quick so she wouldn't suffer. Dr. Berkshire was there to help us through it all. He allowed Libby to pass on to her new life peacefully and gently just like her.  I had never met a land angel before until I met Dr. Berkshire. He is one of the most compassionate and kind people I have ever met. Thank you for taking such good care of Libby and us.  With much love." -- Liz, Michael, Calum, Teddy and Flo


"There comes a time when we have to make one of the hardest decisions in our lives, to euthanize our pet. Knowing how stressed Lola gets at the vet, I looked for another alternative for her last moments. Paul and I are so grateful that we were put in touch with Dr. Jeff Berkshire. From our initial consolation Jeff was caring, companionate and sincere. He explained step by step what to expect during the euthanasia procedure. When Lola finally lost her third battle with cancer and could hardly walk, I knew it was time to let her go. Jeff made Lola's passing so peaceful and beautiful for her, and us, I can not thank him enough. I will miss my baby girl everyday, but knowing her passing was not stressful and in her own home reassures me I made the right choice with Jeff. Again, thank you." -- Dino & Paul


"From the very moment I fell in love with my sweet boy Spirit I feared the day that I would have to say goodbye. After 17 years of companionship, adventures & memories I had to say goodbye to my best friend on Sept. 26, 2017. Spirit was always scared to go to the vet so it was important that I created a peaceful experience for his last memories here on earth. Therefore I am so very grateful for Dr. Jeff Berkshire as he came into our home and provided compassionate end of life care to our precious and beloved Spirit. With the help from Dr. Jeff Berkshire this painful day was a little bit easier because of his in house service, compassion, sensitive nature and expertise. Not only did he provide Spirit with respect & compassion but also to the rest of my family & myself. Thank you Dr. Berkshire for making the day my best friend crossed the rainbow bridge just a little less painful." -- Faye W. & family


"Darryl and I deeply appreciate your kindness and compassion in helping us with this difficult decision to let Honey go. We are so glad to have found you and although the circumstances that we met today was not a happy one, we are so grateful that you made Honey's transition Home a peaceful and comfortable one for her. Honey has been very much loved throughout her life and we are comforted in knowing that she is now peacefully at rest. Thank you once again for everything." -- Elaine and Darryl


"I just wanted to thank you again for your service yesterday and to let you know that Cathy and I are so appreciative of the way you handled the difficult circumstance and task with warmth, understanding, informative guidance, respect and comfort for both our pet and ourselves." -- Cathy & Walt


"You helped us when out dear Luna, our beloved Burmese cat, passed away after 21 years and we will never forget your kindness and care. I want you to know that since 2015 we now have a new fellow, his name is Apollo, and he's yes another Burmese but a male and sable...he says meow!" -- Clea G.


"Dr. Berkshire...though it was or first time using your service, we are so glad we found you. Thank you so much for being there for our 12 year old baby boy Alias. Heartbroken, we knew it was time. You were so gentle and compassionate, you truly made it bearable. Alias had an amazing life and it ended with a peaceful good-bye at home surrounded by love and what's familiar to him. Our dear baby boy is now in Heaven. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you." --   Annie & Chris


" We wanted you to know that we really appreciated your services and support with Grizzly. You made us feel at ease when asking what is otherwise a very hard question to ask. Furthermore, Grizzly's transition to the stars went so smoothly and we thank you so very much." -- Paul and Louise


"I wanted to thank you again for your services but more importantly for your gentleness and understanding. Your energy was peaceful and compassionate and it made it much easier for us to say goodbye to Fenix."  -- Sue V.


"I wanted to write to express my profound and sincere thanks for your sensitive and thoughtful handling of Zulu's euthanasia yesterday.  It was by far the least traumatic experience I have had putting a pet to sleep and it gave us great comfort that Zulu could be at home surrounded by us, rather than stressed out in a vet's office. It was as peaceful and humane as it could have been and your kind and gentle manner were a huge part of that. Thank you!" -- Mariana B.


"It takes such an amazingly wonderful, compassionate person to do what you do - I can't imagine how exhausting and overwhelming your job would be.  Having euthanized two other dogs before Four, the comparison between this time and those was so stark I can't even put it into words.  Having you come to our home, and be so easy-going - we never felt hurried, or rushed, or that you didn't realize this was an enormous loss for us." - Kim & Paul


"We were devastated by losing our beloved cat. The exceptional, professional, compassionate and kind service you offer made a difficult time bearable. You allowed my cat to leave in such an honourable and peaceful way. For that we are sincerely grateful to you. I would highly recommend your service to anyone experiencing the same situation."  -- Franck & Irene


"We could not have navigated Roly's palliative care without Dr. Berkshire's stewardship, excellence in best practice and most importantly the ability to provide quality end-of-life care for our dear friend in the comfort of our home."  -- Susan S.


"Thank you for your kindness and softness with my Bogie.  As sad as I am, I couldn't be happier about the loving way he left us.  Thank you so much. You made a huge difference." -- Stacie P.


"We would like to thank you for the care you gave to my Annie and our family. You made our last moments with her very special. Your respect and kindness made saying goodbye to Annie easier. Thank you for your sensitive soul and caring heart." -- Lara W.


"You and Imli have just left my home. I feel entirely blessed to have had your care for my sweet dog's final moments. You really have a beauty about the way you take care of the animals (pets and pet owners!) in these trying times and I will recommend you to all I know. Thank you so very much." -- Sita K.


"When it was time to say Goodbye to my Special Boy, Tigre' after 22 years in his wonderful company, I didn't know where to turn.  I knew it would feel very institutional to have his last moments spent with his veterinarian staff at the clinic, even though they were very involved in his ongoing care and well being.  Once I learned of Dr. Jeffrey Berkshire's in-home option, it felt right to me at once. I can tell you that for one of the most difficult acts we have to face in this life, Jeffrey made it so very special.  Without hesitation, I would recommend his patient, understanding and compassionate expertise in this area as the right choice." -- Kim L.


"We want to thank you and express our deep gratitude for your caring attention to humans and canines alike.  From the moment you walked in, the house seemed calm and we knew we were in good hands.  The way Ash was ushered out could not have been more respectful and gentle.  For Ron and myself as well as for Tango and Taj, I thank you for shepherding us through this most difficult part of loving a dog.  Kindest regards."  -- Harriett L. and Ron E.


"It is never easy saying goodbye to a loved companion like our sweet Jule.  For a German Shepherd she had such a gentle affectionate disposition.  Thanks to Dr. Berkshire’s informative and compassionate approach our girls final moments were filled with love and ended in peace. I can’t thank you enough." -- Blaine & Phil


“Thank you so much for coming by today. You have a very calm and gentle disposition, much appreciated. You are very good at your job. I thank you for your compassion.” -- Tanya L.


“You made an extremely difficult experience a little more bearable. Thank you for explaining the process and what to expect and allowing me the time to grieve. The service you are providing cannot be determined by dollar amounts, it meant everything to me to be able to say goodbye to Belle at home. Kind regards.” -- Matt Z.


“I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful care of Chloe which I know extended her life greatly. You really care and that makes all the difference. Chloe and I thank you again for your sensitivity and compassion towards us.” -- Susan E.


“Major gratitude to Dr. Berkshire for his home-visit tonight, which allowed us to say goodbye to Zui while she was cuddled up in her favorite spot.” -- Claire R.


"When we realized it was time to say goodbye to our dear kitty Mitzi and we found out that Dr. Jeff Berkshire was offering special end-of-life in-home services through Lifting Stars Pet Homecare, we immediately knew we wanted Mitzi's final moments to be at home.  Mitzi was 18 years old and Dr. Berkshire was her vet for a good portion of her life.  We can't say enough about Dr. Berkshire's calm, caring and compassionate demeanour throughout the years and during Mitzi's final moments.  He made a very difficult situation so much easier for us (and for Mitzi too).  We would highly recommend Dr. Berkshire and Lifting Stars Pet Homecare for anyone  who may be considering end-of-life care for their pets in their home." -- Kevin & Karin L.