Schedule an Appointment

If you are concerned about your pet’s quality of life or feel that the time for humane euthanasia may be approaching, please contact Dr. Berkshire to discuss your pets health and schedule an appointment.

Appointments are available by advanced scheduling only, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.  Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  A 24-hour CANCELLATION POLICY is requested for all bookings, cancellation fee of $100 may apply.  Dr. Berkshire will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling request, however he is not always available due to previously scheduled appointments and personal commitments.

Hours of Operation

**Closed Friday July 3rd, 2020 to Sunday July 12th, 2020**

**At-home appointments for Euthanasia only and with COVID-19 Restrictions in place.  Quality of Life Consultation appointments will be offered by telemedicine only.**

Monday to Friday -- 9 am to 5 pm

Weekends & Statutory Holidays -- closed

*Please Note: Texting is the most efficient way to get in touch with Dr. Berkshire as he works independently.  All inquiries will be replied to as soon as possible, however, this may take as long as 1-3 business days and pending current work demands.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.