Consultation and Humane Euthanasia

You may be concerned that your pet has a severely compromised quality of life or been advised by your veterinarian that their long-term prognosis is poor due to a terminal health condition.  Perhaps your pet has been diagnosed with liver, kidney, heart disease or cancer and is having severe complications related to their condition.  Advanced degenerative joint disease or arthritis is problematic for many pets, and you may feel your pet is at the point where pain can no longer be managed. Maybe there has been a dramatic loss of weight, decrease in appetite or difficulty breathing or resting.  If these or other problems are noted, phone Dr. Berkshire to discuss your pet's unique concerns and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Dr. Berkshire will come to your home to discuss your pet’s health concerns and perform an examination as needed. If there are options for palliative care, they will be reviewed and the next steps will be determined at that time.  If humane euthanasia is elected, Dr. Berkshire will discuss all the steps involved in the process. There will also be time for questions should you have any to address. His main goal is for the entire process to be as calm and relaxed as possible, both for you and for your beloved pet.

Consultation and Humane Euthanasia :  $240 and up* -- This includes the housecall visit, consultation and humane euthanasia (*euthanasia fee is based on pet's body weight).  This fee does NOT cover crematory services, however, these services are offered as well (please see Crematory Services for more information).