The Lifting Stars Pet Homecare Memorial page is provided for clients and friends of Lifting Stars Pet Homecare.  The page is intended to be an online site to memorialize your pet and also to help support other pet owners to know they are not alone as their pet is approaching end-of-life.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or with your pet's memorial & photo that we can add to this Memorial page.

-- Dr. Jeff Berkshire


"Ranger, our short haired American kitty, came to us as a kitten at a time when we were living out in the country with lots of room to roam and lots of mice to eat.  She was a wonderful hunter but extremely skittish. About a year after we got her, we moved back to the city and she became a house cat. Mostly because we were afraid that her skittishness would cause her to be run over if she got out in traffic. She was not a very sociable kitty and kept to herself for the most part. But she showed her love for us in many ways and when she did spend time with us it was very precious. In the last year, we started taking her and her older brother, a Blue Heeler-Cross doggy, travelling with us in our RV. She absolutely loved hanging out in the RV and her favorite spot was in the bunk where she could look out the window at all the activity outside. But this spring, Cancer reared its ugly head in our lovely little girl and unfortunately no matter what we did, it refused to let go.  By October, we knew she was in too much pain and there was nothing left for us to do. It broke our hearts when we decided to let her go, but it makes us feel better knowing she is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge." -- Debbie & Darryn 

"It was with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my sweet boy. Paco was my little adventure dog. He may not have been able to walk everywhere, due to his size, but he sure loved being carried anywhere that mum was going. He’s even been on a motorcycle trip to Vegas! Thank you, Dr. Berkshire for being kind and compassionate to my little one and making him as comfortable as possible." -- Lindsey D.

"How do you say good-bye to the greatest love of your life? From the moment we brought Riley home to the day he took his last breath, he filled our hearts and our lives with the purest love we've ever known. Thank you Riley for being the most incredible pup we could have ever asked for. We will love you forever little bear."

-- Mommy & Daddy


We remember Lina as an incredible athlete - jumping up at our backdoor window instead of barking to come in (thus the nickname Leapin' Lina). What a princess! And, as advertised by her breeder and our friend who knew these dogs, very "sucky-face" with everyone she met.  Here is a poem that helps capture what we feel:

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.  If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will as generous and loving as they are" -- Author Unknown

-- Brigitte & Lawrence

Honey, our beloved....

You no longer greet us

As we walk through the door

You're not there to wag your tail

Nor to make us laugh anymore

Life is not the same without you

You were far more than a pet

You were our little girl, our cherished friend

A precious gift from God that we'll never forget


It will take time to heal

For the silence to go away

We still imagine you close

And miss you everyday

You were such a great companion

Constant, loyal and true

Our hearts will always bear

The sweet memories left by you


-- Elaine and Darryl


"At 18 years, after suddenly becoming gravely ill, Lucky peacefully slipped the bands of earth for his cosmic celestial adventure. He was treasured and he also lives on in our hearts. He had many friends and fans, I had the honour of being his biggest."

-- His Dad


"Our family knew, from the first day we brought Sadie home, that she was a free spirit. She liked nothing better than to run pell-mell through the woods or along the beach, barely pausing to take a sniff. When she wasn't running at full bore, Sadie liked to relax at home and didn't mind being called the lazy lab. Mind you, she was always watchful. If anyone made a move toward the door, or reached for her leash, she was ready to fly. Really not much of a cuddler, Sadie was our shadow, following us about the house and yard. She was gentle with both dogs and children, never bothered by our younger dog's unrelenting puppy-like behavior or the grandchildren's tugs and squeals. It was sad to say goodbye but she had 16 great years and we know that wherever Sadie is now she is running free as the wind."

-- Linda E.


"Roly had the greatest life in living...and dignity and comfort in end-of-life. We miss him terribly, but find solace in knowing that he spent his last days surrounded by those who knew and loved him best."

-- Susan S.


Remembering Oggy

I remember bringing you home.

You were small and cuddly, with your tiny paws and soft fur, your mohawk standing proud.

You bounced around the room with eyes flashing and ears flopping; A mischievous air always about you.

Once in a while you would let out a little yelp just to let me know you were there and that this was your territory. 

When you gave me "The Business" - otherwise known as a mumble or a grumble for something I said or did, like taking up too much space on the bed or too much space on your couch. I scolded you, but you just put your head down and looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes as if to say, "I'm sorry, but I'll do it again soon".

As you got older you protected me by barking at the slightest nighttime noise. You were my Protector, my brave little boy, my Love.

When I had many tough days at work, in life, or with health, it was you who would be waiting for me with your tail wagging, just to say, "Welcome home...I missed you!" 

You knew I had a tough day but you never let me maintain one - You were my Rock.

Your comforting hugs and kisses meant everything to me and brought me out of every dark moment that I had.

You never had a bad day and I could always count on you to be there for me. You had my back and I had yours.

When I lay down to read a book or watch TV, you would quickly hop up upon my lap, lay your head on my chest, and fall fast asleep, never asking for anything more then for me to scratch your head, softly rub your velvet ears, or scratch your tummy.

When you got older you moved around more slowly. Then in this last week, old age finally took its toll, and you could no longer stand on your wobbly legs anymore.

I have knelt down beside you, lifted your head to your water bowl, and begged you to eat food out of my hand.

I lay down beside you throughout our last night together trying to make you young again. You just watched over me, big eyes unblinking, and looked at me as if to say that you were old and tired, and that after 13 years of not asking me for anything, you had to ask me this one last favour....

With tears in my eyes I called our vet, Dr Jeff Berkshire, and said, "It's time".

One last time I lay down beside you.

One last time you looked at me as if to say, "Thank you for taking care of me Mommy".  And I said to you, "No Oggy, thank you for taking care of me".

Deputy Dog...Your life shift on earth is now complete. You are 10-7 little buddy.

 -- Your Loving Mommy

Right from our first phone call you made me feel calmer in a very scary part of my life, being 70 years old and having Bijou be part of my life for 19 years. I knew in my heart it was her time, but wished she could verbalize it to me. Bijou was the best friend anyone could ever have, she was so loyal and loving. I will always remember her with the fondest of memories and she definitely has left her paw prints in my heart! You arrived when I was in my lowest mood knowing what I had to do, but you were patient and understanding with me, you explained exactly what would happen to put me at ease. To be able to hold your loved one in the comfort of your home makes a sad event easier. I remember holding her against my heart while you gave her the sleepy time shot and I felt her relax and all the pain was released. We next placed her in her little convertible car bed which she loved for her final ride to Heaven. I held her little head and rubbed her ears while you placed the final injection in her leg, she looked so peaceful lying in her convertible ready to leave. You left us alone to have our final moments together and then you offered to take her to your vehicle, however, I believe the fact that I was able to carry her out of our home and place her in your car while she was in her convertible made the closure much easier for me. The name of your business Lifting Stars is perfect as I am now able to believe she is one of our stars looking out for me!!!    Thank you again.

-- Noella N.

About twenty years ago you came through the open window. No collar, no tattoo and no chip. All searches for your previous home futile.

You moved in and you stayed. You ate, slept and quietly grieved the loss of your previous home. You were the youngest in the family and lived a low profile until the day when it was just you and me. How things changed. You found your Siamese voice, loud, persistent and with clear intent. You developed your long list of wants, needs and demands: open the front door, the back door, the window, the front balcony door, the back balcony door, brush me (several times a day), give me fresh food, light the fireplace, put more wood on the fire, get off the phone, tell that visitor to get out of my chair, go to bed right now so we can have our fifteen minute, under-the-covers-cuddle, get up in the middle of the night, light the fire and keep me company, get off the computer, put that book down and pet me.

You announced when you came in from an outside excursion, you announced when you were going upstairs, and you announced when you were going for a nap. You expected an answer. You persisted – you would not be ignored.

You hunted; you patrolled your yard and tangled with any and all intruders. You followed the sun and disliked cold and rainy days.

You were my baby when you slept in the pram or cuddled at bed time. You were the-man-of- the-house when you ordered me around. You were Ricky day to day...but always you were my King Richard, the head of state...unique, psychic, jealous, loyal and handsome. An adorable and loveable character always in my heart. And yes Ricky, we will meet again.

- Carole W.

He took our breath away.  He was the most magnificent, regal and dignified dog we had ever seen. Quiet and headstrong, soft and gentle but with a prey dog’s intensity, Kristull Irish Ash or “Ash” was a study in contrasts.  He purred when you rubbed his ears. He hated the rain and loved the snow.  The only way to get him into the rain for a walk was to promise him the towel rub he loved so much.  

He arrived in Vancouver in 2001 with his companion Kristull Egyptian Beauty or “Ruby”. They were the first silken windhounds in Canada.  Ron and I had no idea what we were getting into when we met them at a home about an hour from Vancouver, but we knew we loved them at first sight. 

Ash and Ruby, the Canadian pioneers, will now be running side by side across the rainbow bridge celebrating their reunion, having been separated by Ruby’s untimely death three years ago. 

We are joined in sadness by the many who loved Ash, some who called him The King, many who knew him as a quiet shadow, and all who came to know silken windhounds through his patient and loving presence. Ron and I, along with Tango, Taj and his friends miss him so. Rest in peace, dear boy, and run like the wind with Ruby. 

- Harriett L. and Ron E.


Tigre’ my precious lynx point Siamese
At 6 weeks you entered my life like a fresh spring breeze
With cute rabbit feet, big pink ears and striped tail
A fur ball of white, pink nose and blue eyes crystal pale
With the passing of years, those eyes turned sapphire blue
And your gorgeous lynx markings darkened to a deep mocha hue
You grew to like catnip, golf balls and fake mice
And we darned almost lost you not one time, but twice!
We’ve lodged in four homes through travels, decore and packing
With you hiding in suitcases, boxes and wrapping
I would orchestrate renos while you played the Saint
Tracking through wood stain, soil and buckets of paint!
I’ve watched you grow in proud delight;
Learning to jump, open doors and pretend to fight
For a time we shared living with Gordon and Luna
Where we learned to share vittles, toys, fireplaces and tuna
You’ve been played with and cuddled not only by Kim
But your loving Grandparents as well; Sheila and Jim
You’ve lived up to your pet names – Sultan, Pumpkin, Spudger, Sweet Pea & Jeeves; but the best of them all is our Mr. Teegs!
You’ve taught me of calm and quiet repose
And I’ve cherished your softness and wisdom of soul
What adventures we’ve shared, spring, summer, fall; all three
With reflection in winter, while trimming the tree
After 22 years, you’ve touched much of my life
Laughter, milestones and tears, successes and strife
We’ve enjoyed many moments my dear little friend
I know you must leave, but the love will not end
It’s time for goodbye and for us to part
But your love will live on, here inside my heart

- Kim L.

"It was love at first sight when we saw Mitzi in a shelter and adopted her when she was a year-and-a-half old. She lived an amazing 18 years and enhanced our lives tremendously. Mitzi was a real chatterbox - she always had something to chirp about, even when she walked down a flight of stairs.  Mitzi had many talents, of which sitting and shaking a paw was one of her best. While Mitzi never lost her anxiousness about strangers, she did manage to make good friends with a squirrel who regularly visited our back patio.  Mitzi had an innate way of making all your worries go away with just a gaze from her loving eyes and her soft purr. We miss her very much."

- Kevin & Karin L.

"It's funny, I used to say I rescued Belle from a shelter when she was 3 months old. But in fact she rescued me when I was 31 years old! She was my constant companion, a member of my family, the most gentlest and soulful dog one could imagine. There's such a void now that she's gone, and no words to express it, but I am forever grateful to have had her in my life."

- Matt Z.


" 'Twinkle Twinkle little star, up in Heaven is where you are, flying high and twinkling bright, my guiding star, my shining light. Twinkle Twinkle little star, my perfect angel is what you are.'  Today I had to say bye to my sweet little Jetty. He passed away shortly after noon. He came into the world on October 1, 2007 and I fell in love with this little ball of fluff in a Kijiji ad in January of 2008 and he came home on the 12th of that month. In the 7.5 years he was here with me I enjoyed many little binkies and mischievous moments and as hard as today was, I would not trade those moments for the world. My little bunshine left knowing he was loved by many. To my sweet little angel, thank you for all the joy you brought to me and for loving me through times when I did not love myself, for kissing tears away and for being such a bunderful little furbaby. Momma will always love you and you will always be in my heart."

- Jocelyn H.


"My dearest were the very first pet that I could call my own and I cannot thank you enough for touching my life as you did. You were a happy, handsome and hungry boy that loved everyone and everything. You taught me so much about life, love, responsibility...and in the end, saying goodbye...and for that I am forever thankful.  You are still in my heart and always will be, and someday we will play and nap together again.  With all my love my spotty boy." -- Jeff B.