Mission Statement

To support dog, cat and small mammal owners in Greater Vancouver through the difficult time of their pet’s end-of-life while providing their beloved pets with recommendations for palliative care and when deemed appropriate, compassionate and humane euthanasia in the peace and comfort of home.

Lifting Stars Pet Homecare

Pets are cherished as members of our families. Owners are seeking the best possible options for their pet’s care though all life stages, including those that are near the end of their lives. Lifting Stars Pet Homecare was established in recognition of the importance of providing your pet with a peaceful and stress-reduced in-home veterinary assessment and recommendations for end-of-life care. When it is time for compassionate and humane euthanasia, the alternative is a more peaceful process for your beloved pet in the familiar comforts of home.

Recognizing the need for a specific end-of-life care and at-home humane euthanasia service in Greater Vancouver, the concept began development in October 2013 and the business officially began in April 2015.  Lifting Stars Pet Homecare is looking forward to many years of serving clients and pets in Vancouver and surrounding areas.